Laurent Cammarata, PhD

Professor, Campus Saint-Jean - Academic Support


Professor, Campus Saint-Jean - Academic Support
3-06 CSJ Pavillon Lacerte
8406 Marie-Anne-Gaboury St (91 St)
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À propos de moi


Laurent Cammarata, Ph.D. (2006), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. 

Major: Curriculum and Instruction, Second Languages and Cultures


I am currently holding a Full Professor academic position in Education at the Faculté Saint-Jean, University of Alberta. Formerly a language teacher, I have been a teacher educator for more than fifteen years. I currently work in the preparation and ongoing professional development of K-12 teachers in French immersion and francophone minority settings. Broadly, my research focuses on teachers’ experience of implementing an integrated approach, more commonly known as content-based instruction (CBI) in North America and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Europe and elsewhere, a dual-focused educational approach in which an additional language is used for the concurrent teaching of content and language. I am particularly interested in how the approach is implemented in varied educational contexts and on implications for teacher education and professional development. My current line of research examines 1) the potential of curricular models specifically designed to help teachers optimize the integration of content, language, and literacy in instruction, and 2) the influence of immersion teacher educators’ knowledge base, experience, and beliefs on their capacity to prepare immersion teachers to implement a well-integrated approach. My work on the topic has been published in varied well-respected scientific venues over the years such as the Canadian Modern Language Review, Foreign Language Annals, L2 Journal, the Modern Language Journal, and the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism and has received many academic accolades such as the Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in Foreign Language Education (2013), the Stephen A. Freeman Award for Best Published Article (2018), and the Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) Educational Research Award. My work as a lead editor includes a volume titled “Content-Based Foreign Language Teaching: Curriculum and Pedagogy for Developing Advanced Thinking and Literacy Skills” (Routledge 2016), a special issue of the Journal of Immersion and Content-based Language Education (JICB) (John Benjamins, 2018), and a recently published edited volume titled "Teacher development for immersion and content-based instruction" (John Benjamins Current Topics, 2020). My colleague Dr. Pádraig Ó Duibhir and I have been co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education (John Benjamins) since January 2019.

Areas of interest/expertise: 

Teacher education & professional development; Second Language Acquisition (SLA); language teaching; immersion teaching pedagogy; teaching methods; Foreign Language (FL) education & Second language (SL) education; curriculum development; content-based instruction (CBI); Inquiry-based learning; technology-enhanced learning; qualitative inquiry; phenomenology; critical pedagogy.

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Projet de recherche en cours:

Recherche sur les enjeux liés à la rétention des élèves en contexte immersif et francophone minoritaire au Canada. Aidez-nous à compléter ce projet de recherche si important pour soutenir le développement du bilinguisme au Canada : Project RÉCIF/SRIFS

Research on issues related to student retention in French Immersion and Francophone minority settings in Canada. Help us complete this important research project to support the development of bilingualism in Canada: Project RÉCIF/SRIFS


  • Upcoming Keynote speech (2022, September). Integrating language and literacy teaching into the disciplines: Implications for teacher preparation in bilingual or multilingual contexts. Language Teacher Education Conference -- Second Language Teacher Education: Challenges and New Horizons, Vienna, Austria. []
  • Recent Keynote/plenary speech: Cammarata, L., & Marchak, K. (2021, Dec.). Le défi de la rétention des élèves dans les programmes d’immersion au cœur de la recherche /The challenge of student retention in immersion programs at the heart of the research agenda. Session de clôture du 44e congrès de l’Association canadienne des professionnels de l’immersion (ACPI), Banff, AB.[]
  • Recent workshop: Cammarata L., & Cavanagh, M., (2021, December). Enseignement de la langue et de la littératie dans les matières : démarche et modèle pour guider le travail de planification. Congrès de l’Association canadienne des professeurs d’immersion (ACPI), Banff (Alberta). 
  • Recent workshop (June 21-25, 2021). "Content-based language instruction and curriculum development." Summer institute for teachers conducted through the CARLA Summer Institute program at the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. []
  • Recent keynote speech (May 8, 2021): When a focus on language is simply not enough: A few thoughts on the importance and accompanying challenges of letting meaning lead the way in the foreign language classroom. 6th Annual Workshop for Language Teachers – Teaching Languages Across the Curriculum: Perspectives on Integrating Language and Content, Rice University, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication (CLIC), TX, USA. []
  • New issue released: Cammarata, L., & Ó Duibhir, P. (2021) (Eds.). Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education, 9(1). []
  • New volume published: Cammarata, L., & Ó Ceallaigh, T.J. (Eds.). (2020). Teacher development for immersion and content-based instruction. John Benjamins Publishing Company [Benjamins Current Topics, vol. 110; reprint] / For a review of the book see:


M EDU 520 - Tendances actuelles en éducation

Étude et mises en rapport critique des tendances et perspectives pédagogiques, politiques et technologiques novatrices traversant le monde de l'éducation aux paliers international, national, provincial et franco-albertain. Peut comprendre des sections Alternative Delivery; veuillez consulter le Fees Payment Guide dans la section University Regulations and Information for Students de l'annuaire.

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