Claire Currie, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics Admin
Director IGR/Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics


Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics Admin
(780) 492-1062
3-094 Centennial Ctr For Interdisciplinary SCS II
11335 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H5

Director IGR/Professor, Faculty of Science - Physics



B.Sc. (1999) University of Western Ontario
Ph.D. (2004) University of Victoria
Post-doctoral fellow, Dalhousie University (2005 - 2007)
Assistant professor, University of Alberta (2007 - present)


Lithosphere structure and mantle dynamics; evolution of convergent plate margins; continental tectonics; numerical modeling


GEOPH 210 - Physics of the Earth

Structure and evolution of the Earth from a physics-based perspective; use of geophysical data (gravity, magnetic, seismic, thermal, geoelectric) to determine the internal structure of the Earth; dynamics of the Earth, including plate tectonics, mantle convection and the geodynamo; geohazards, volcanoes, earthquakes and magnetic storms; temporal variations in climate and sea level. Prerequisites: one of MATH 101, 115, 118, 146; one of PHYS 124, PHYS 144, or EN PH 131, and one of PHYS 126, PHYS 146, or PHYS 130. Note: credit will be given for only one of GEOPH 110 or GEOPH 210.

Fall Term 2021
GEOPH 326 - Seismic Imaging

Use of reflection and refraction seismology to image the Earth's interior, with application to gas/oil and mineral exploration and environmental assessment; study of current technologies utilized to acquire, image and interpret 2D and 3D data sets. Real data sets and computer assignments will be used to produce seismic images of the subsurface. Prerequisite: PHYS 281 or 230, MATH 215 or 209 or 317.

Winter Term 2022
PHYS 130 - Wave Motion, Optics, and Sound

Geometrical optics, optical instruments, oscillations, waves, sound, interference, diffraction. Prerequisites: Mathematics 30-1, Mathematics 31, Physics 30. Corequisite: MATH 100 or 113 or 114 or 117 or 134 or 144 or equivalent. Restricted to Engineering students. Other students who take this course will receive *3.0.

Fall Term 2021

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