Crystal MacLellan, PhD, MScPT, BSc

AssociateTeaching Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Physical Therapy


AssociateTeaching Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Physical Therapy




MScPT - University of Alberta - 2012
Postdoctoral Fellow - Memorial University of Newfoundland - 2009
PhD - University of Alberta - 2006
BSc - St. Francis Xavier University - 2000


Crystal earned a PhD from University of Alberta in 2006 where she studied neuroprotective strategies for hemorrhagic stroke. She then completed a postdoctoral fellowship exploring the effects of stem cell transplantation and rehabilitation on stroke recovery. She obtained her MScPT from University of Alberta in 2012 and has worked in both acute care and private practice settings. She has a special interest in neurological rehabilitation in adults and pediatrics. She joined the Department of Physical Therapy as a full-time instructor in 2017. Teaching interests include neurology and neuroscience, human movement, and clinical supervision.


PTHER 548 - Physical Therapy and Chronic Disease Management

Study of the theory and application of physical therapy in clients with selected chronic diseases. Components of practice will include assessment, intervention, outcome evaluation, therapeutic exercise, electrophysical agents, and evidence-based skills. Prerequisites: PTHER 538, 544, 546, 563, and 565.

PTHER 554 - Elective

Students can register in these for credit towards the MScPT requirement of 3 credits in elective coursework. A variety of topic areas may be offered. Note: Course title is variable; course may be repeated.

PTHER 566 - Introduction to Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

Anatomy and physiology of the brain and central nervous system and an introduction to the functions of the human nervous system. Prerequisite: PTHER 516.

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