Dip Kapoor

Professor (sabbatical leave until June 30, 2023), Faculty of Education


Professor (sabbatical leave until June 30, 2023), Faculty of Education
(780) 492-7617
7-113 Education Centre - North
8730 - 112 St NW
Edmonton AB
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Area of Study / Keywords

Social Justice & International Studies in Education


Dip received his PhD from the Faculty of Education at the U of A and subsequently took up a tenure track position at McGill University in Montreal before returning to the U of A as a professor in International Education in 2006. He is a voluntary Research Associate and Honorary Board member (since 2006) of the Center for Research and Development Solidarity (CRDS), an Adivasi (original dweller) and Dalit (“downtrodden” out-castes) small/landless peasant and forest-dweller popular research organization in Orissa, India and was President and founding member (1995-2017) of a voluntary social action organization that has worked on land, forest and food sovereignty struggles/movements in India. https://www.farmlandgrab.org/30716,

Against Colonization & Rural Dispossession: Local Resistance in South & East Asia, the Pacific and Africa (Kapoor, D., Ed., 2017, London & NY:Zed) and Research, Political Engagement & Dispossession: Indigenous, Peasant and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia (Kapoor, D., & Jordan, S., Eds., 2019, London & NY:Zed) are recent contributions to the literature on neo/colonial racial capital, development dispossession, resistance and learning in social action in contexts of Indigenous, small peasant and (forced) migrant worker struggles in the neo/colonies.

Against Colonization & Rural Dispossession: Local Resistance in South & East Asia, the Pacific and Africa (Kapoor, D., ed., 2017)

'Peasants, indigenous people, and fisherfolk confound capitalism's best efforts to control them. This book shares the strategies that some of the planet's most inspirational groups use to stand their ground. A terrific compilation of rousing resistance for a post-capitalist world.' Raj Patel, University of Texas at Austin

'An impressive collection of engaged researchers from around the world take us deep into some of the most important frontline struggles of our time, providing critical insights for anyone active in resisting colonization and land grabs.' Devlin Kuyek, GRAIN

'Addressing the accelerating dispossession of cultures, this timely collection reveals colonial continuities in new forms of grassroots resistance. It is a powerful cross-regional set of essays foregrounding local politics in an era of global extractivism.' Philip McMichael, author of Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective, Cornell University

'An indispensable contribution to a non-Eurocentric world-view. Richly documenting the genocidal and ecocidal history of (neo)colonialism, and even more importantly the fightback, this book reveals a new social order emerging at the cutting edge of struggle.' Robert Biel, author of The Entropy of Capitalism, School of Oriental and African Studies & Birkbeck College

'A smart and theoretically innovative book that belongs on the bookshelves of anyone interested in anti-colonial, indigenous scholarship on rural resistance as central to the political economy of capitalist development.' Chandra Talpade Mohanty, author of Feminism without Borders, Syracuse University

'A wide-ranging, comprehensive and insightful account of dispossession and resistance from the global south ... a much-nuanced and sophisticated analysis in comparison to those who treat the land question merely as another instance of market imperfection and institutional failure.' Journal of Asian and African Studies

'The diverse analytical frameworks used in the collection, from Marxist political economy to postcolonial theory, will undoubtedly enrich the debates and contribute to the vibrant fields of critical development studies and critical agrarian studies, as well as social movement theories.' Canadian Journal of Development Studies

'An empirically rich and theoretically stimulating collection of essays on the long-term and ongoing practices and forms of rural resistance to capitalist-driven and state-enforced land enclosures in the Global South.' Community Development Journal



[Political-Sociology of Adult/Education & International Development Education]

  • Colonial/racial capitalism (development/globalization) & education 
  • Dispossession/resistance & learning in Indigenous, peasant & migrant worker/labor social movements [Asia, Africa, Americas]
  • Critical sociology of education
  • Critical social and educational research methodologies (critical case study, critical ethnography and participatory/action research)


Research endeavours to date have been built around a program of interdisciplinary (political-sociology and critical adult education) engaged research with the Center for Research and Development Solidarity (CRDS) and its' social movement constituencies addressing: (a) critical explorations in to the politics of state-market-civil society led development-displacement and dispossession, exploitation and marginalization (pauperization) of Indigenous (Adivasi) Peoples, small/landless Dalit peasants/forest-dwellers and migrant labour; and (b) related political learning and popular education work in Adivasi-Dalit-rural poor social action (movements). 

CRDS and partner Adivasi-Dalit organizations have been integral to the process of organizing some 26,000 Adivasi-Dalits in 150 villages (core) and a wider network of 350,000 across 516 villages. The facilitation of collective land/forest claims for subsistance cultivation & access to minor forest products/hunter-gathering (land claims that are non-commodifiable -- 'dead capital') over 30,000 acres of forest/cultivable land and ongoing claims utilizing the Forest Rights Act/2006 has been central to this process as has securing deeds to hutment area land for 5200 households thereby precluding summary eviction on the grounds that these are "illegal squatters". Organized initiatives addressing landless and displaced Dalit-Adivasi-rural poor (exploited) labour include ensuring 100 days of guaranteed work at the requisite wage rate stipulated under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) for precarious labor or those rendered surplus to/by capital and the wage relation. 

Research projects addressing this program of research undertaken with CRDS and other social movement organizations in the Global South include:

1.Adivasi/Dalit/small & landless peasant & NGO-social movement politics and learning in neoliberal contexts of development dispossession (1995-current; non-funded) 

2.Learning in Adivasi (original dweller) social movements in India (Principal Investigator, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2006-2009, $81,308)

3.Untouchability, casteism and schooling in rural India: Exploring local response and resistance (Principal Investigator, Insight Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2013-2019, $268,386)

4.Learning in Precarious Migrant Worker (PMW) Organizing: Global Trails to Canada (Principal Investigator, Insight Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; Co-Applicants: Dr. Gerardo Otero (Simon Fraser) and Dr. Steven Jordan (McGill) (2022-27, $300,799). [recipient of SAS grant funding, Faculty of Education & Bridge Funding from the Provost's Office, University of Alberta, 2020-21, $14,000]

5.Food sovereignty education (FSE) in Canada: Learning from social movements and agrarian advocacy in the Global South (KIAS/Faculty of Education Undergraduate Student Research Award, 2022 May-August, $5000)

Edited Book Collections from this work to date also include: 

NGOization: Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects (edited with Aziz Choudry, Zed Publications, London & NY); Learning From the Ground Up: Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production (edited with Aziz Choudry, 2010/13, Palgrave Macmillan, NY); Beyond Colonialism, Development and Globalization: Social Movements and Critical Perspectives (edited with Dominique Caouette, Zed Publications: London & NY); Critical Perspectives on Neoliberal Globalization, Development and Education in Africa and Asia, 2011, Rotterdam: Sense Publications); and Education, Decolonization and Development: Perspectives from Africa, Asia and the Americas, 2009, London: BRILL).

Thesis students seeking supervision can generally expect to do research guided by assumptions defining critical methodologies informed by and contributing towards Neo/Anti-colonial, Neo/Marxist (including anti-capitalist) and/or Indigenous sovereignty perspectives pertaining to themes and topics such as:

(1) International development and/or education in the Americas, Africa and/or Asia (e.g.#1: Development NGOs and Education in the South; e.g. #2: Development/Global Education in Canada; e.g. #3: Food Sovereignty/Education)

(2) Indigenous, peasant/landless and migrant worker/labor social movements addressing capitalist neo/colonization, dispossession and displacement pertaining to territories/sovereignty, land & food, forests, water, subterranean resources, ecology, labor exploitation, cultural-knowledge-representational & educational imperialism and learning/popular education with/in these movements (Americas, Africa and/or Asia)

(3) Racialized precarious migrant work/ers and education/learning in trans/national organizing/advocacy

(4) Colonialism, racial capitalism and anti/racism education

(5) Critical sociology of education (schooling) in Canada


UNDER/GRADUATE COURSES (University of Alberta)

EDPS 506: Critical Sociologies and Participatory Action Research

EDPS 520: Adult Education, Popular Movements & NGOs in the Global South (graduate elective)

EDPS 525: Globalization, Global Education & Social Change (graduate elective)

EDPS 526: Race, Racialization & Education (graduate elective)

EDPS 591: Foundations of Education: International Perspectives & Issues (SJI graduate core)

EDPS 425: Global Education (elective)

EDPS 422: International Development Education (elective)

EDPS 360: Society & Education (elective)

UNDER/GRADUATE COURSES (McGill University, 2003-2006)

EDER 600: Globalization, Education & Change (graduate elective)

EDER 609: Educational Implications of Social Theory (graduate core)

EDER 639: Education & Development (graduate elective)

EDER 643: Gender, Education & Development (graduate elective)

EDEC 301: Global Education (undergraduate elective)





Globalization, Culture & Education in South Asia: Critical Perspectives

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Indigenous Knowledge & Learning in Asia-Pacific & Africa: Education, Development & Culture

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Education, PAR & Social Change: International Perspectives

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Global Perspectives on Adult Education

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