Dip Kapoor, International Education

Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Policy Studies Dept


Professor, Faculty of Education - Educational Policy Studies Dept
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Dip received his PhD from the Department of Educational Policy Studies (EPS) at the U of A and then took up a tenure track position at McGill University in Montreal before returning to the U of A as a professor in International Education in 2006. He is a voluntary Research Associate and Honorary Board member (since 2006) of the Center for Research and Development Solidarity (CRDS), an Adivasi (original dweller) and Dalit (“downtrodden” out-castes) small/landless peasant and forest-dweller popular research organization in Orissa, India and was President (and founding member) of a voluntary organization that has worked on land, forest and food sovereignty struggles/movements in India since 1995. Against Colonization & Rural Dispossession: Local Resistance in South & East Asia, the Pacific and Africa (Kapoor, D., Ed., 2017, London & NY:Zed) and Research, Political Engagement & Dispossession: Indigenous, Peasant and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia (Kapoor, D., & Jordan, S., Eds., 2019, London & NY:Zed) are recent contributions to the literature on neo/colonial capital, development dispossession, resistance and learning in social action in contexts of Indigenous, small peasant and (forced) migrant worker struggles in the neo/colonies.




  • Colonialism, capitalism (development/globalization) & education 
  • Dispossession/resistance & learning in Indigenous, peasant & migrant worker/labor social action/movements [Asia, Africa, Americas]
  • Sociology of education [race, caste, class]
  • Critical social and educational research methodologies


Research endeavours to date have been built around a program of interdisciplinary (political-sociology and critical adult education) engaged research with CRDS and its' rural constituencies addressing: (a) critical explorations in to the politics of state-market-civil society led development-displacement and dispossession, exploitation and marginalization (pauperization) of Indigenous (Adivasi) Peoples, small/landless Dalit peasants/forest-dwellers and migrant labour; and (b) related political learning and popular education work in Adivasi-Dalit-rural poor social action (movements). 

CRDS and partner Adivasi-Dalit organizations have been integral to the process of organizing some 26,000 Adivasi-Dalits in 150 villages (core) and a wider network of 350,000 across 516 villages. The facilitation of collective land/forest claims for subsistance cultivation & access to minor forest products/hunter-gathering (land claims that are non-commodifiable -- 'dead capital') over 30,000 acres of forest/cultivable land and ongoing claims utilizing the Forest Rights Act/2006 has been central to this process as has securing deeds to hutment area land for 5200 households thereby precluding summary eviction on the grounds that these are "illegal squatters". Organized initiatives addressing landless and displaced Dalit-Adivasi-rural poor (exploited) labour include ensuring 100 days of guaranteed work at the requisite wage rate stipulated under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). 

Research projects addressing this program of research undertaken with CRDS (with the exception of two thematically-related collaborations in different contexts) and in accordance with the guarantees afforded to Scheduled Tribes and Castes (ST/SC) under the Articles of the Constitution of India and the commitment towards building a sovereign and socialist (democratic) republic (with justice, liberty, equality and fraternity) in the Preamble, include:

1.Adivasi/Dalit/small & landless peasant & NGO-social movement politics and learning in neoliberal contexts of development dispossession (1995-current; non-funded) 

2.Learning in Adivasi (original dweller) social movements in India (Principal Investigator, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2006-2009, $81,308)

3.Untouchability, casteism and schooling in rural India: Exploring local response and resistance (Principal Investigator, Insight Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada) (2013-2019, $268,386)

4.Social movement learning in defence of Ghana's Songor Salt Lagoon in Ada (Collaborator, Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada with Dr. Jonathan Langdon, Principal Investigator, Development Studies Program, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia) (2011-2014, $121,791)

5.Learning in Precarious Migrant Worker (PMW) Organizing: Global Trails to Canada (Principal Investigator, Insight Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; Collaborators: Dr. Gerardo Otero, Simon Fraser; Dr. Jill Hanley, McGill; Dr. Immanuel Ness, City University, NY; Dr. Robyn Rodriguez, University of California, Davis) (2020-25, $343,742/unsuccessful)

Edited Book Collections from this work to date include: 

Against Colonization & Rural Dispossession: Local Resistance in South & East Asia, the Pacific and Africa (Kapoor, D., ed., 2017); Research, Political Engagement and Dispossession: Indigenous, Peasant and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia (edited with Steven Jordan, 2019); and NGOization: Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects (edited with Aziz Choudry, 2013)-- all with Zed Publications (London & NY) and Learning From the Ground Up: Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production (edited with Aziz Choudry, 2010/13, Palgrave Macmillan, NY).

Refereed Articles in relation to various aspects of this work over time have been published in journals such as: 

Canadian & International Education, (1995, 24[2]); Adult Education & Development (2002, 58[1]); New Directions for Adult & Continuing Education (2003, 99); Convergence (2004, 37[2] & 33[3]); Development and Practice (2005, 15[2]); International Education (2007, 37[1]); Gender, Place & Culture (2007, 14[5]); McGill Journal of Education (2009, 44[1]); Journal of Asian and African Studies (2011, 46[2] & 47[4]); Studies in the Education of Adults (2011, 43[2]); Interface: A Journal for and About Social Movements (2013, 5[1]); Educational Action Research (2016, 24[1]); and the Canadian Journal of Action Research (2020).


GRADUATE COURSES (University of Alberta)

EDPS 506: Critical Sociologies and Participatory Action Research

EDPS 520: Adult Education, Popular Movements & NGOs in the Global South (graduate elective)

EDPS 525: Globalization, Global Education & Social Change (graduate elective)

EDPS 526: Race, Racialization & Education (graduate elective)

EDPS 591: Foundations of Education: International Perspectives & Issues (TCI graduate core)

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES (University of Alberta)

EDPS 360: Society & Education (elective)

EDPS 410: Ethics & Law in Teaching (core)

EDPS 422: International Development Education (elective)

EDPS 425: Global Education: Issues & Strategies for Teachers (elective)

EDFN 493: Basic Contemporary Issues in Education (discontinued)

EDAL 401: The Role of the Teacher (discontinued)

EDFN 101: Diversity and Commonality in a Pluralistic Society (discontinued)

UNDER/GRADUATE COURSES (McGill University, 2003-2006)

EDER 600: Globalization, Education & Change (graduate elective)

EDER 609: Educational Implications of Social Theory (graduate core)

EDER 639: Education & Development (graduate elective)

EDER 643: Gender, Education & Development (graduate elective)

EDEC 301: Global Education (undergraduate elective)




Wanda Chell (2020- ) (University of Alberta)

Nadhir Salahuddin (2018- ) (McGill University, co-supervision with Dr. Steven Jordan)

Development, participatory research and community engagement in Indonesia.

Hasriadi Masalam (PhD, 2018) (University of Alberta)

Participatory action research (PAR), learning in small peasant resistance and the politics of rural dispossession in Indonesia.

Jie Zheng (PhD, 2016) (McGill University, co-supervised with Dr. Steven Jordan)

Exploring internationalization of higher education (IHE) policy and reality in China: Neoliberal globalization, state formation and higher education

Tajud Din (PhD, 2014) (Aga Khan University, Pakistan, co-supervision with Dr. M. Memon and Dr. Al-Karim Datoo)

Global education in the national curriculum: A case study of developing student’s global perspectives in Chitral, Pakistan

Lily Han (PhD candidate 2014-17) (McGill University, co-supervision with Dr. Aziz Choudry to post-candidacy)

Beyond multiculturalism: Race, decoloniality and the politics of knowledge

Munyaradzi Hwami (PhD, 2012) (University of Alberta)

Towards a critical colonial analysis of the crisis in higher education in Zimbabwe: A case study of the University of Zimbabwe

Tejwant Chana (PhD, 2011) (University of Alberta)

Colonial reproductions and anti-colonial pedagogical propositions for educating about “the global” in urban schools in India

Al-Karim Datoo (PhD, 2009) (McGill University)

Critical ethnography, local-global cultural dynamics and student identity: Perspectives from an urban school in Pakistan

Jonathan Langdon (PhD, 2009) (McGill University)

Democracy and social movement learning in Ghana: Reflections on 15 years of learning in the democratic terrain by Ghanain activist-educators

Blane Harvey (PhD, 2009) (McGill University) (to post-candidacy)

Speaking to power: The discursive shaping of Southern Communities and institutions in international development cooperation (Senegal)

Samuel Veissiere (PhD, 2008) (McGill University) (to post-candidacy)

Hookers, hustlers and gringos in Brazil: The transnational political economy and cultural politics of violence, desire and suffering in the streets of Salvador da Bahia


Belen Samuel (MEd, 2019- ) (University of Alberta)

Black participatory research, organizing and coalition building against anti-Black racism in Canada

Maria Margarita Martinez Jaraba (MEd, 2019- ) (University of Alberta)

Migrant worker advocacy in Canada: Case studies of labor activism and human rights- based approaches

Simone Brown-McLaughlin (MEd, 2019- ) (University of Alberta)

Explorations of precarious work and migrant worker exploitation in Canada: Implications for migrant labor advocacy

Taylor Witiw (MEd, 2019- ) (University of Alberta)

Learning in social action in contexts of mining development dispossession: A case study of Rosia Montana, Romania

Naomi Gordon (MEd, 2017) (University of Alberta)

A critical ethnography of dispossession, indigenous sovereignty and knowledge production in resistance in Samoa

Kyla Fisher (MEd, 2017) (University of Alberta)

International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and human rights-based approaches to dam development and dispossession in Asia, Africa and the Americas: A critical case study of International Rivers

Sheineen Nathoo (MEd, 2017) (University of Alberta)

Development NGOs, colonialism, gender and poverty in Tanzania: A critical case study of microcredit as a neoliberal poverty alleviation initiative

Wanda Chell (MEd, 2014) (University of Alberta)

Race regimes and racialization: Participatory research explorations in im/migrant service NGOs in Alberta

Jie Zheng (MEd, 2010) (University of Alberta)

Exploring international student mobility: Neoliberal globalization, higher education policies and Chinese graduate student perspectives on pursuing higher education in Canada

Natasha Goudar (MEd, 2010) (University of Alberta)

Third World feminist perspectives on development, NGOs, the depoliticization of Palestinian women’s movements and learning in struggle

Valerie Kwaipun (MA, 2008) (McGill University)

Mining displacement and learning in struggle in Ghana

Amy Stuart (MA, 2008) (McGill University)

Moment of silence: Constructions of race and nation in narratives of Canadian history 



EDPS 422 - International Development Education

This course examines the interplay of education and international development in diverse contexts of our world. Theoretical analysis and discussions will focus on different types of education, the histories of international development and globalization, as well as citizenship, social justice and human rights education. These topical foci will be complemented by specialized regional perspectives on the state of education and social development in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean region and Oceania.

Fall Term 2020
EDPS 425 - Global Education: Issues and Strategies for Teachers

This course explores, in theory and practice, how global education in schools can facilitate critical understanding and develop skills and values for building more peaceful futures in local, national, and global contexts. It draws on North and South scholars and educators to clarify underlying conceptual and pedagogical principles of global education and related fields (education for peace, justice, development, human rights, cultural solidarity, environmental care). Exemplars of creative curriculum content and teaching-learning strategies for global literacy will be included.

Winter Term 2021
EDPS 520 - Adult Education, Popular Movements and NGOs in the Global South

This course will examine the role and nature of adult education and learning processes in social change initiatives being undertaken by development non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and by popular subaltern social movements of pastoralists, peasants, indigenous peoples, rural women and urban poor (shack dwellers) social groups in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (Global South). These initiatives will be explored in terms of a critical contextual appreciation of the inter/national development project and neoliberal globalization.

Fall Term 2020
EDPS 591 - Foundations of Education: Perspectives on International Issues

Critically examines the role of education in the problems and prospects of international development. As an inclusive construct, development comprises enhancements in the economic, social, political, cultural and technological well-being of people's lives. Examines contemporary societal issues that influence and/or are influenced by educational policies and programs. Perspectives from regions and groups such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Oceania-Pacific, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and communities indigenous to different parts of the world will be included.

Winter Term 2021

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