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A recipient of a Governor General's Medallion and the Chongqing Friendship Award in 2013, Dr. Edy Wong is a researcher and practitioner of international business. He has produced numerous scholarly articles on China over the years and is author of the SCMP designation program in Canada, for which he was awarded a Fellow's Award by Supply Chain Management Association of Canada and the Garner –Thémoin Award by IFPSCM (International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management).

Dr. Wong 's business experience includes past and current corporate directorships in Hong Kong and China, and presidency of the Hong Kong - Canada Business Association (Edmonton). He has served as advisor to the China Petroleum Equipment Manufacturers Association, Shenzhen Logistics Association, and Temco Energy of Kazakhstan. Dr. Wong is also a visiting professor at several Chinese universities and the China Academy of Governance (a State Council training institute), and a regular lecturer at the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (a CPC training institute).


BUEC 641 - Strategic Procurement

Increasing competition and globalization of the supply chain have made cost competitiveness and procurement effectiveness key to successful business performance. Best-in-class procurement practices are essential to attaining global supply chain competitiveness today. This course introduces students to the principles of procurement and how they can help enhance cost and supply chain efficiency. Learning outcomes will be both strategic and tactical including topics such as the business function of procurement, the procurement process and organization, trends in organizational design, quality management, make - buy decisions, strategic cost management, strategic and global sourcing, supplier selection and management, inventory strategies, category management, performance measurement and evaluation, RFP (Request for Proposal) and contract management, negotiations and conflict management, and electronic sourcing. Prerequisite: BUEC 503.

Winter Term 2021
BUS 202 - Introduction to Canadian Business for International Students

Provides students with an introduction to the Faculty of Business and the functional areas of business. Special emphasis is made on the Canadian business environment and the skills necessary to live and work in Canada. A Business Plan will be a central aspect of the course. Students improve research, communications, presentation, leadership and group skills. Open only to students in the Faculty of Business. Recommended only for International Students. Not open to students with credit in BUS 201.

Fall Term 2020
BUS 640 - Strategic Supply Chain Management

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of Supply Chain Management and how it relates to a firm's competitiveness. Emphasis will be placed on the role of SCM in transforming global business practices and relations. SCM informs how a firm would source, design, produce, and market its products in today's global environment. Topics will include global business trends, current supply chain practices, international procurement, logistics and inventory management, performance assessment, supply management and SCM strategy in a global environment. Prerequisite: BUEC 503.

Fall Term 2020
MARK 644 - International Marketing

Topics in international marketing, including the importance of international marketing to Canadian business, comparative marketing systems, evaluation of socioeconomic influences on international marketing, and marketing strategies as they relate to firm size. Prerequisite: MARK 502.

Winter Term 2021