Margriet Haagsma, PhD, MPhil, Drs.

Professor, Faculty of Arts - History & Classics Dept

Pronouns: She, her hers


Professor, Faculty of Arts - History & Classics Dept
(780) 492-2985
2-65 Tory (H.M.) Building
11211 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H4

W 1-2 PM or by appointment


Area of Study / Keywords

Mediterranean Archaeology Archaeology of Greece Archaeology of Domestic Space Ancient Urbanism


I am a Classical Archaeologist who received her PhD and MA from the University of Groningen and an MPhIl from the University of Cambridge. I have a background and interest in archaeological methods and social theory and I currently am an associate professor in the Department of History and Classics of the University of Alberta. 

Before coming to the University of Alberta, I worked for eight years at the Netherlands Institute at Athens, first as assistant director and the last six years as director (1993-2001). At the UofA (2001-present) I have served as a BA advisor in Classics, as coordinator for the MA program in Ancient Cultures and Societies, Ambassador for the UofA' s Undergraduate Research Initiative in the Faculty of Arts and as a member of the Faculty of Arts Teaching and Learning Committee. From 2016-2019 I was the Associate Chair Graduate Studies in the Department of History and Classics. I am currently the graduate teaching coordinator in our department and I serve in a variety of committees of which the most important are: SSHRC committee 5A and the FoA research committee. Together with colleague Pam Willoughby, Chair of Anthropology, I am the lead of the FoA signature area 'Future of the Past'.

In 2014 I was awarded a McCalla professorship. In 2021 I received the Helena Fracchia Award for International teaching.


My major research interest is domestic space in Ancient Greece and I have worked for many years in archaeological projects in Thessaly (Halos and Kallithea). My publications include interpretations of domestic culture and economy and lately I have become very interested in the organization of Ethne and Poleis, and especially in expressions and perception of regional identities in Ancient Greece. 

The archaeological research project at Kallithea, which I co-direct with Sophia Karapanou, entails the mapping, surveying and excavation of a city in Thessaly dating to the Classical and Hellenistic period. This is a cooperative project with the 15th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Larissa. Our work is carried out under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Canadian Institute in Greece.

Academic Specializations: 

City planning in Ancient Greece

Domestic Archaeology

Archaeological Method and Theory

The History of Archaeology

Ancient Economy


I teach large enrollment courses on Greek civilization as well as specialized graduate courses on Archaeological Theory, Greek Sanctuaries, Domestic Archaeology and Ancient Greek City Planning. I believe that the transferable skills taught in Arts are of vital importance for a successful professional career, even if that career is not in academia. 

Thus far I supervised more than twenty graduate students and have served in numerous PhD and MA committees.


I am willing to supervise graduate students in a variety of topics, including City Planning, Domestic Space, Art and Architecture, Regional Studies in Greece. Please, don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions.

And do not forget to check out these two pages!

The Kastro Kallithea Archaeological Project (KKAP):

The Central Achaia Phthiotis Survey (CAPS)


CLASS 103 - Introduction to Ancient Greece

Formerly CLASS 270.

Winter Term 2022
CLASS 220 - Introduction to the Methodology, Theory and Practice of Classical Archaeology

Winter Term 2022
CLASS 254 - Introduction to Greek Art and Archaeology

Survey of the art, artifacts, and monuments of the Ancient Greek World. Formerly CLASS 252.

Fall Term 2021
CLASS 473 - Topics in Classical Archaeology

Prerequisite: Any CLASS course at the 200 level or above or consent of Department. May be repeated for credit when course content differs.

Fall Term 2021
CLASS 500 - Fourth-Year Honors Tutorial

Prerequisite: consent of Department.

Fall Term 2021
CLASS 515 - Topics in the Archaeology of Greece

Fall Term 2021

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Cakes and Cults: Negotiating Identity in Hellenistic Achaia Phthiotis.
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