Hans-Sonke Jans


Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Oncology Dept
(780) 432-8618
Cross Cancer Institute
11560 University Avenue
Edmonton AB
T6G 1Z2


Area of Study / Keywords


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ONCOL 564 - Physics of Nuclear Medicine

Discussion of the fundamental physics of radioactivity, the use of unsealed sources in medical diagnosis and treatment. Unsealed source dosimetry, nuclear measurement instrumentation, spectrometry. Design and function of gamma cameras, single photon emission tomography, and positron emission tomography. Prerequisites: ONCOL 550 and 562.

ONCOL 568 - Physics of Diagnostic Radiology

Rigorous development of the physics of x-ray production, interaction and detection in diagnostic radiology, including mammography and ultrasound. In-depth analysis of analog and digital systems in radiography and fluoroscopy is given. The description and design of computed tomographic systems as well as the associated reconstruction algorithms from single to multislice helical systems are studied. Prerequisites: ONCOL 550, 562.

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Featured Publications

Nelson B.J.B., Ferguson S., Wuest M., Wilson J., Duke M.J.M., Richter S., Soenke-Jans H., Andersson J.D., Juengling F., Wuest F.

JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE. 2022 April; 63 (4):584-590 10.2967/jnumed.121.262459

A prototype device for the cross-calibration of activity meters in nuclear medicine - design and initial findings

Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Organization of Physicists in Medicine (COMP). 2021 June;

Ferguson S., Wuest M., Richter S., Bergman C., Dufour J., Krys D., Simone J., Jans H.S., Riauka T., Wuest F.

NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY. 2020 December; 90-91 10.1016/j.nucmedbio.2020.10.005