Jennifer Foote

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Extension - Extension Academics


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Extension - Extension Academics
(780) 492-7333
1-024 Enterprise Square
10230 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton AB
T5J 4P6


Difficulties with pronunciation can create barriers to employment and successful integration for newcomers to Canada. My research explores what contributes to the intelligibility of speech for second language users communicating in different language contexts and, further, seeks evidence-based solutions to help learners improve intelligibility, thus facilitating greater communicative success in their communities and workplaces.

Second language speech perception
Computer assisted pronunciation instruction


EDPY 416 - Introduction to the Teaching of English as a Second Language

Focuses on principles of language learning, language learners, and learning contexts. Pre-/corequisite: LING 101.

Winter Term 2021
EDPY 595 - Settlement Adjustment Issues for ESL Immigrants to Canada

Focuses on political, curricular, social, cultural, and linguistic factors that have an impact on immigrants to Canada.

Fall Term 2020
MACE 503 - Methods of Community Based Research

An introduction to research which broadly includes quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Research design, formulating research questions, selecting appropriate methods, sampling, data analysis and knowledge mobilization will be included. This course is designed as a seminar, while some classes will be structured, the intent is for participants to learn from each other's experiences and research examples.

Fall Term 2020

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