Robyn Kaulback



B LAW 301 - Legal Foundations of the Canadian Economy

Synoptic view of Canadian legal system, with emphasis on underlying considerations of social policy. While considering the nature, sources, philosophy, and policy objectives of the law, selected topics from the fields of tort and contract will be analyzed. Credit will be granted for only one of B LAW 301 and ENGG 420.

Fall Term 2021
B LAW 402 - Business Contracts

Examination of the special types of contracts that are encountered in business and commercial life. Topics include contract of sale, agency, negotiable instruments, insurance, bailment, employment contracts and contracts involving land as well as societal regulation of the freedom of contract. Prerequisite: B LAW 301 or ENGG 420.

Fall Term 2021 Winter Term 2022
B LAW 403 - Commercial Transactions

Integrated analysis of the legal principles applying to commercial transactions, including an examination of the statutes and case law governing the sale of goods, conditional sale and chattel mortgages. Prerequisite: B LAW 301 or ENGG 420.

Winter Term 2022

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