Elena Konstantinovskaya, PhD, PGeo

Science Instructor, Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Admin


Science Instructor, Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Admin


Area of Study / Keywords

fault reactivation seismic interpretation reservoir geomechanics


I investigate the fault architecture and influence of natural and hydraulic fractures and faults on the distribution and state of stresses, pressure regimes, and permeability of flow units in subsurface reservoirs. My research focuses on predictive models of faults hydraulic behavior and fault shear reactivation potential and topseal breaching under the in situ stress and pore pressure changes caused by depletion or injection operations. My work integrates structural studies of outcrops, interpretation of seismic reflection data, analysis of vertical anisotropy and brittleness in shales, and coupled reservoir geomechanical numerical simulations with implications for petroleum exploration, geothermal energy, and environmental studies. 


  • 2002 Doctor of Science, Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Science: Margins of East Asia: Tectonics, Structural Evolution and Geodynamic Modeling
  • 1992 PhD, Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Science: Eastern Kamchatka during the Cretaceous time
  • 1986 Honor’s in Geology (cum laude), the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow


  • 2016 Eureka activist, award from Eureka Schlumberger community, SIG geology.
  • 2012 David Elliott Award for Best Paper of the Structural Geology and Tectonics Division of the Geological Association of Canada: Konstantinovskaya E., and Malavieille J., 2011. Thrust wedges with décollement levels and syntectonic erosion: A view from analogue models. Tectonophysics, 502: 336–350
  • 2008 David Elliott Award for Best Paper of the Structural Geology and Tectonics Division of the Geological Association of Canada: Konstantinovskaya E. A., L.B. Harris, J. Poulin, G.M. Ivanov. 2007. Transfer zones and fault reactivation in inverted rift basins: Insights from physical modeling. Tectonophysics. 441: 1-26.
  • 2008 Best Abstract of the 2008 CSPG CSEG CWLS Convention, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • 2007 CGC-Québec Prime au mérite locale en reconnaissance de participation à l’activité du jour de la Terre du CGQ dans le cadre de la journée internationale du jour de la Terre 2007.
  • 2004-2005 Laureate of the competition for Doctors of Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 1999 Medal of Russian Academy of Sciences, Laureate of the competition for young scientists, Russian Academy of Sciences 

Personal interests:

  • outdoor sports, gardening, movie making


Skills / Research interests: 

  • 1D-3D coupled reservoir geomechanics modeling, in-situ pore pressure and stress analysis in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, areas of salt tectonics 
  • core description and sampling, mechanical properties of rocks, mechanical stratigraphy
  • structural geology and tectonics of sedimentary basins and orogenic belts 
  • structural interpretation of 2D and 3D reflection seismic survey data, well log correlation
  • analysis of natural fractures, fault instability and fault seal capacity, caprock integrity
  • analogue modeling at upper crustal and lithospheric scale
  • paleogeographic and paleotectonic reconstructions, terrane analysis 

Fieldwork areas: 

  • Canada: St. Lawrence Platform, Quebec Appalachians, Gaspesie, Labrador trough
  • Russia: Kamchatka Peninsula, Sea of Okhotsk area, Western Siberia, Russian Platform
  • Asia: Taiwan, Tibet, Tien-Shan 
  • Europe: Ligurian Sea, Corsica


  • Petrel RG, VISAGE, IX, TECHLOG, Python, IHS Kingdom Suite, FLAC3D-TOUGH2
  • GOCAD, ArcGIS, Geodatabase, MapInfo, Stereostat, GMT (Linux) 
  • Microsoft Office, graphic and digital video software


Teaching areas: EAS422/522 Advanced seismic interpretation, Fundamentals of Petroleum Geomechanics

Supervising: IPG Program capstone project 


Lateral fluid propagation and strike slip fault reactivation related to hydraulic fracturing and induced seismicity in the Duvernay Formation, Fox Creek area, Alberta
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3D geomechanics modeling and shale anisotropy for wellbore stability and horizontal well optimization, Middle Nazym field, Western Siberia, Russia
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