Lucas Crawford, PhD, MA, BA Honours

Associate Professor, Augustana - Fine Arts & Humanities


Associate Professor, Augustana - Fine Arts & Humanities



Area of Study / Keywords

Transgender Studies Queer Theory Creative Writing 20th c. Literature Disability & Mad Studies


I joined Augustana on 1 July 2021 after working as Associate Professor of English at UNB, R.W.W. Junior Chair of Gender Studies at SFU, and postdoctoral fellow in Architecture and Gender Studies at McGill. I grew up in rural Nova Scotia. Interests include: poetry, snack foods, tennis, basketball, pop music, the long 1990s, and queer aesthetics. 

I would love to hear from prospective graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who do work in the queer and trans Arts & Humanities, especially those whose work includes considerations of mental health, disability, food, creativity, and affect.

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I am the author of five books:

Sideshow Concessions (Invisible Publishing, 2015).

Transgender Architectonics: the Shape of Change in Modernist Space (Routeldge, 2016).

The High Line Scavenger Hunt (U of Calgary Press, 2018).

Belated Bris of the Brainsick (Nightwood Editions, 2019).

Muster Points (U of Calgary Press, June 2023).

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You can learn about some of my other research projects -- focused on fatness, space, transgender, and/or mental illness -- at the following links.

Trans Formations (The Architectural Review, 2021).

The Crumple and the Scape: Two Archi-Textures in the Mode of Queer Gender (Places, 2020).

Four Gestures Towards a Trans-Mad Aesthetic of Space (Social Text, 2021).

Slender Trouble: Berlant and Sedgwick (GLQ: Gay and Lesbian Quarterly, 2017).

(Video!!!) Lecture at Berkeley College of Environment and Design (2020).


In Fall 2022, I will teach English 398: Selected Topics: Queer Theory and Cultural Production.

In Winter 2023, I will teach English 299: Selected Topics: Literatures of Mental Illness.

In Fall-Winter 2023-204, I will teach a "Mad Studies" selected topics course and a "Mad Poetry" course.


AUENG 420 - Selected Topics in English Studies

Advanced study of selected authors, works, periods, and critical approaches. Focus and content of each course are determined by student and faculty interests, and vary from year to year. Prerequisites: Third-year standing.

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