Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez

Associate Professor, Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Admin


Associate Professor, Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Admin
(780) 492-5071
3-03 Earth Sciences Building
11223 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E3



I grew up in Spain. I got my undergraduate degree in geology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and my PhD from Virginia Tech. I completed a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship at ETH Zurich and worked for two years at University of Arizona. I am currently an assistant professor at the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department at University of Alberta.


For some info on current research projects and facilities, check my Lab website


2018/2019    EAS368  Ore Deposits Geology

2018/2019    EAS234  Field School


MSc in Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
We are looking for outstanding highly-motivated students interested in (1) advancing our understanding of how mineral deposits form, (2) developing geochemical techniques to improve upon current mining success and practices, and (3) acquiring a strong skill set towards a future career in economic geology and/or geochemistry. 

For more information on current research projects, look here.


EAS 105 - The Dynamic Earth Through Time

The plate tectonic framework of a dynamic Earth as it relates to the origin of major groups of minerals and rocks. Earthquakes, structural geology, and the origin of mountain belts. Surface processes and their sedimentary products. History of life and extinctions. Prerequisite: EAS 100 or GEOPH 110 or GEOPH 210. This course may not be taken for credit if credit has been obtained in EAS 201 or 210.

EAS 520 - Reading and Seminar Course

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