Mary Beckie

Professor, School of Public Health


Professor, School of Public Health
(780) 492-5153
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
11405 - 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
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Dr. Mary Beckie is a Professor and Director of Community Engagement Studies in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.

She holds an interdisciplinary doctorate in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development from the University of Saskatchewan. Current teaching and research focuses on community engagement and sustainable community development, particularly as relates to regenerative, equitable and place-based agri-food systems. Mary’s research is predominantly community-engaged and in partnership with community, and has taken place in western Canada, Cuba, Sri Lanka, India, and the UK.

Mary’s work has been published in a variety of journals dealing with alternative agri-food systems, community development and engaged scholarship including: Agriculture and Human Values; Rural Sociology; Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development; Local Environment; Community Development; and Community Engagement and Scholarship. She is co-editor of Scaling Up: Convergence of Social Economy and Sustainability (2016; Athabasca U Press) and Sustainability Planning and Collaboration in Rural Canada: Taking the Next Steps (2016; U of Alberta Press).

Mary grew up on a farm in south central Saskatchewan. Her first career path focused on the natural sciences and following the completion of a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Molecular Genetics she was involved in teaching and agricultural biotechnology research in post-secondary and federal research institutions. Her interest in alternative agri-food systems and sustainable development led to a career change and her enrolment in the PhD program described above.

Digging in the dirt and growing food is one of Mary’s favorite past-times and when possible she tries to incorporate opportunities to do this while teaching and researching.

  • scholarship of engagement
  • sustainable development
  • social learning, communities of practice, knowledge and power
  • regenerative, equitable and place-based agri-food systems
  • social movements
  • interdisciplinary research
  • experiential learning

  • theory and practice of sustainable community development
  • sustainable and localized food systems
  • citizen engagement and community capacity building
  • alternative learning environments and transformative learning
  • Research methods: case-study, Delphi, mixed method, community-based research


INT D 500 - An Introduction to Community-Based Participatory Research

An introduction to conceptual and methodological foundations of community-based participatory research in the health and social sciences.

Winter Term 2022
MACE 501 - The Practice of Community Engaged Scholarship

An introduction to the conceptual foundations of the practice of community- engaged research and evaluation, with application across diverse disciplines, and forms of engagement (e.g., health care, community development) and community contexts, (e.g., government, Indigenous). Students will examine models, processes and practices of community engagement that incorporate principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization. A required course for students in the Master of Arts in Community Engagement program; others interested must seek consent of the instructor.

Winter Term 2022
MACE 502 - Theoretical Foundations of the Scholarship of Engagement

An examination of the theoretical foundations (e.g., Marxism, Post/Anti-Colonialism, Feminism) that have shaped the study and practice of community engagement. Students will explore this through a broad spectrum of disciplines and themes. A required course for students in the Master of Arts in Community Engagement program; others interested must seek consent of the instructor.

Fall Term 2021 Fall Term 2022
MACE 598 - Directed Study in Community Engagement

In collaboration with a faculty member, the student will propose a course of study to be undertaken. Course may be repeated.

Fall Term 2021

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