Mijung Kim

Professor, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education


Professor, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education
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Mijung Kim, PhD is a professor at the Department of Elementary Education, Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. After her PhD at the University of Alberta, she developed her research programme further on embodied cognition and science inquiry through postdoctoral research at the University of Victoria, Canada and Seoul National University, Korea. She worked as an assistant professor at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore before she returned Canada. Through various teaching and research experiences in the different parts of the world, Mijung has developed knowledge and understandings of context-based curriculum and teaching and learning as sociocultural relations. 


Her research interests include possibilities and challenges of teaching science as inquiry, children’s collective reasoning and problem solving, and dialogical argumentation as a genre of scientific communication. Her current research involves questions on science teaching for peace and sustainability and teacher professional vision for pedagogical reflection and practice. 


• EDEL 330 Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary School Science

• EDEL 567 Introduction to educational research 

• EDES 509 Teaching Science in Elementary and Secondary Schools

• EDEL 595: Science as Problem solving 

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Books and Book Editions

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Refereed journal articles 

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Research - Research Activities

Awards & Grants


The Springer Best Paper Award

The International Science Education Conference, June 2018, Singapore

Best Paper Award

The 3rd International STEM education conference, July, 2014, Vancouver, Canada

The Springer Best Paper Award

The Conference of Asian Science Education, February 2008, Taiwan 

Project Grants

2016-Present: Science and Mathematics textbook authors hopes for peace and sustainability. SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2016 (Principle Investigator)

2015-2018: Argumentation in-the-making in/for Socioscientific Problem Solving. Alberta Advisory Committee for Educational Studies (AACES)(Principle Investigator)

2015-2017: Possibilities and challenges of argumentation for collective problem solving in elementary science classrooms. University of Alberta Support for the Advancement of Scholarship (SAS) Grant (Principle Investigator)

2013-2014: Children’s reasoning and problem solving through dialogical argumentation. Constructivist Educational Research Network, University of Victoria (Principle Investigator)

2012-2014: Enhancing participatory scientific literacy: Argumentation as a cognitive and social tool. IRG-SSHRC General Research Grant, University of Victoria (Principle Investigator)

2011-2013: Constructing/Contextualizing Scientific Knowledge Through Reasoning and Decision Making. Constructivist Educational Research Network, University of Victoria (Principle Investigator)

2009-2010: Enhancing Inquiry-Based Teaching Through Collaboration Between Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers. National Institute of Education, Singapore (Principle Investigator)

2009-2010: Literacy in Learning Science: A Vygotskian Approach. National Institute of Education, Singapore (collaborator)