Mi-Young Kim, PhD

Associate Professor, Augustana - Sciences


Associate Professor, Augustana - Sciences



I completed BSc and Ph.D in computer science from Pohang University of Science and Technology  (POSTECH). To see my full CV, please check my website http://www.ualberta.ca/~miyoung2 .

 I have been serving as a Co-organizer of the International Competition on Legal Information Extraction/Entailment (COLIEE) since 2014. For details, please see the COLIEE2020 website .  


My research interests are in natural language processing in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and explainable AI. Currently, I'm studying information extraction from two specific domain texts (legal and medical texts.) 


My teaching courses are AUCSC 111 (Introduction to Computational Thinking and Problem Solving), AUCSC 415 (Automata, Algorithms and Complexity), AUCSC 460 (Artificial Intelligence), AUCSC 204 (Computing Technology in Modern Society), and AUCSC 355 (Computer Networks and Security).


AUCSC 111 - Introduction to Computational Thinking and Problem Solving

An introduction to computational thinking, problem solving, and the fundamental ideas of computing. Topics include algorithms, abstraction, and modelling; the syntax and semantics of a high-level language (e.g. Python); fundamental programming concepts and data structures, including simple containers (variables, arrays, lists, strings, dictionaries); sequencing, conditionals and repetition; documentation and style; object-oriented programming; exceptions and error handling; graphical user interfaces and event-driven programming; recursion; simple algorithm analysis and run- time efficiency. Prerequisite: Mathematics 30-1. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUCSC 111, AUCSC 113 (2023), and AUCSC 120 (2019).

AUCSC 455 - Networks and Security

Introduction to computer communication networks and network security. Physical and architectural elements and information layers of a communication network, including communication protocols, network elements, switching and routing, local area networks, and wireless networks. Authentication, cryptography, firewalls, intrusion detection, and communication security, including wireless security. Prerequisite: AUCSC 250. Corequisite: AUCSC 480. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUCSC 455 and AUCSC 355 (2022).

AUSCI 330 - History and Theory of Computing

History and models of computers including finite automata and Turing machines, computability, basics of formal languages, and complexity classes (P, NP, NP-complete). Prerequisite: AUCSC 111, or AUCSC 113 (2023) and AUSCI 135; and AUMAT 250. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUMAT 355, AUCSC 315 and AUCSC 415 (2021).

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