Michael Sharp

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept


ATS Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts - Psychology Dept


PSYCH 105 - Individual and Social Behavior

Introduction to the study of human individuality, personality, and social psychological processes. Some aspects of normal and abnormal human development, psychological assessment and treatment may be reviewed. Fulfillment of the 1/4 laboratory credit typically entails serving as a research participant but can be fulfilled through the completion of alternative assignments. Note: PSYCH 104 and 105 can be taken in either term, but not in the same term. [Faculty of Arts]

PSYCH 333 - Personality Theory

An in-depth treatment of psychological theories of personality. Prerequisites: PSYCH 223, 239, or 241. Note: Not open to students with credit in PSYCH 233 or PSYCH 305 Topic: Personality. [Faculty of Arts].

PSYCH 415 - Qualitative Methods in Sociocultural Psychology

The assumptions that inform the design of qualitative research in sociocultural psychology; the procedures for gathering meaningful information through interviews, conversation, observed interaction, and textual archives; and the analysis of such information. Prerequisites: PSYCH 212, PSYCH 213 or STAT 151 or 161, and one of PSYCH 223, 239, 241, or 341. [Faculty of Arts].

PSYCH 505 - Conference Course in Psychology

[Faculty of Science]

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