Nolan Crouse


Faculty of Extension - Management & Leadership


EXCPE 5462 - Communicating With Confidence

A key element in any professional's role is the ability to communicate with confidence. This course will introduce a range of concepts and techniques related to effective communication skills, such as looking at different types of communication: interpersonal (1-to-1); group and team (1-to-few); and larger audiences (1-to-many). Other topics covered are empathy, active listening, and non-verbal communications. Through self-assessments, guided practice and activities, participants will create and deliver a pitch as well as a formal presentation.

EXLDR 5620 - Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership is all about building relationships and connecting with people. Reflect on current leadership practices and explore fundamental leadership theories as you discuss different leadership styles and strengths. Identify key planning strategies to lead others toward a shared vision. Identify strategies on how to develop a cohesive, efficient, and effective team. Understand the beliefs and barriers that may hinder the efforts of emerging leaders.

EXLDR 5623 - Change Leadership

Knowing how to initiate, lead, and manage successful change initiatives is valuable for leaders at all levels. Topics may include: change theories and models; change management strategies; initiating and implementing change; and organizational and individual learning associated with change experiences.

EXMGT 5587 - Organizational Behaviour

Explores the theory and practice of the organization in three major parts: the organizational environment, the organizational structure, and the behaviour of groups and individuals within the organization. Topics include the social role of managers, organizational structure, individual perception, motivation, decision-making and leadership, communication, teamwork and stress in the work place.

EXSDP 5312 - Developing and Managing Teams

Team leadership and management play important roles in team success. These roles include anticipating the future while dealing with constant change, and maximizing a diversity of strengths while respecting differences. In this workshop, participants will learn about the benefits of creating a positive team culture and what it takes to boost a team's well-being and productivity. Assessing team dynamics will guide participants in exploring the concept of team agreements, principles and shared values. Completion of EXSDP 5310 is strongly recommended prior to taking this course.

EXSDP 5314 - Workforce Management and Development

In an economy driven by continuous innovation and change, creating a capable, motivated and resilient workforce is an important part of every supervisor's role. This workshop will introduce participants to development and management processes to recruit and retain a skilled workforce. Topics include strategies for hiring experience workers, building workforce capacity through skill development and strength recognition, and preparing for the future. Completion of EXSDP 5310 is strongly recommended prior to taking this course.

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