Simone Pfleger, PhD

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts - Womens & Gender Studies


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts - Womens & Gender Studies



Simone Pfleger is Assistant Professor of Gender and German Studies with dual appointments in Women’s and Gender Studies and Modern Languages and Cultural Studies. Her research is grounded in gender and queer theoretical methodologies and engages with notions of temporality, political subjectivity, affect, intimacy, and precarity in post-2000 German-language literature, film, and culture. She has published in Feminist German StudiesThe German Quarterly, and Seminar and is currently working on a monograph on queer temporality and aesthetics in the cinema of the Berlin School.


GERM 343 - Postwar Cultures

Developments in society, politics, and popular as well as high culture from 1945 to the present in German-speaking countries. Co-requisite: GERM 303 or consent of Department.

Fall Term 2021
MLCS 495 - Honors Thesis

Fall Term 2021
WGS 270 - Feminism and Sexualities

Approaches to, and key debates about, sexuality. Topics may include: sexology; critiques of heterosexuality; political lesbianism; queer theory; transgender and intersexuality; prostitution and sex work. Note: Not open students with credit in W ST 370 or WGS 370

Fall Term 2021
WGS 401 - Directed Readings in Women's and Gender Studies

Open only to Women's and Gender Studies honors, majors and minors. Normally may be taken only once. Prerequisite: Any 100 or 200 level WGS or W ST course, or consent of department.

Fall Term 2021

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