Larry Prochner

Professor, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education


Professor, Faculty of Education - Elementary Education
(780) 492-0759
7-111 Education Centre - North
8730 - 112 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2G5



Primary Research Interests

early childhood education; teacher education; history of education; international and comparative education

Scholarly Activities

Research - Current Funded Projects

2021-25 Take It Outside: Preparing Teachers for Nature-Based EducationSSHRC Insight Grant (Collaborator: K. Nawrotski).

Research - Recent Publications


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Book Chapters and Encyclopaedia Entries

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Refereed Articles

Prochner, L. (2021). ‘She walked alone in glory’: Patty Smith Hill and the anecdote of the kindergartners’ walkout. Vitae Scholasticae, 37(1/2), 8-29.

Kirova, A., Lambrev, V., & Prochner, L. (2020). Education reforms for inclusion? Interrogating policy-practice disjunctions in early childhood education in Bulgaria. Education Inquiry, 11(2), 126-143.