Russell Cobb, BA, MA, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Dept



Russell Cobb is a writer and academic, currently in residence as a Visiting Scholar at Cal-Berkeley. He is Associate Professor in Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta, where his work bridges the worlds of print and radio journalism with the digital humanities. His journalistic work has appeared in Slate, NPR, and The Nation. He is a contributing editor and frequent contributor to This Land Press. His books include the eBook single Heart in Darkness (2013) and the edited collection The Paradox of Authenticity in a Globalized World (2014).


C LIT 358 - Great Themes of Literature and Art

The international and interdisciplinary study of selected international mythical and legendary themes and motifs, such as Faust and Don Juan, their origin, and their literary and artistic developments.

Winter Term 2021
LA ST 210 - South America

Regional similarities and national differences. An introduction to South America today, including Brazil and the Spanish speaking countries of the continent, through study of their cultural contexts and forms of expression.

Winter Term 2021
MLCS 399 - Special Topics

Course may be taken five times when topics vary.

Fall Term 2021
MLCS 410 - Capstone Course

In this practice-based course that addresses an urgent concern facing the world today students will synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills obtained in the Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Major.

Winter Term 2021
MST 310 - Media Professions, Institutions and Ethics

Theoretical and ethical issues surrounding the political economy of media, democracy, censorship, and freedom of expression, regulation and control, privacy, surveillance, and sousveillance. Prerequisite: MST 100.

Winter Term 2022

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