Sarah Moore, BComm, PhD

Associate Professor, Alberta School of Business - Marketing, Business Economics and Law


Associate Professor, Alberta School of Business - Marketing, Business Economics and Law
(780) 492-3664
4-30E Business Building
11203 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2R6


Area of Study / Keywords

marketing consumer behaviour language word of mouth


The primary focus of my research is on communication and language, both among consumers and between consumers and firms. For communication among consumers, I examine online word-of-mouth (WOM), or stories consumers tell about experiences with products, brands, or services. Here, I explore how consumers are influenced by sending or receiving WOM that contains different linguistic content (e.g., explanations, swearwords). For communication between firms and consumers, I investigate how the language used in questions, advertising, and consumer-service interactions impacts consumers (e.g., imperatives, pronouns).

In a second area of research, I investigate consumer behaviour in common situations that are underexplored in the literature, but common in everyday life. For example, I examine what happens when out-of-stock products restrict consumers’ choice freedoms, or when choices must be made not for the self, but for others. 


A Spotlight on Research at the Alberta School of Business

How should firms talk to customers?

My findings tell us...

  • Most firm agents currently say to customers "How can WE help You?"
  • Instead, firm agents should say to customers "How can I help?"
  • When firm agents say "I", customers are more satisfied and purchase more.

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MARK 320 - Consumer Behavior

The study of the factors affecting the consumer decision process. Analysis of consumer behavior models and their application to marketing decision making, with an emphasis on empirical research. Prerequisite: MARK 301. BCom degree credit will not be granted for both MARK 320 and HECOL 320. Not open to students with credit in MARK 422 or CONS 220.

Winter Term 2021
MARK 624 - Consumer Behaviour

The psychology behind consumer decision-making and its implications for marketing practice. Internal (e.g. attention and perception, needs and motivation, learning and memory) and external factors (e.g. social influence, situational influence) will be considered to gain theoretical and practical insights. Topics such as social media, word of mouth, and consumer-brand relationships are also covered. Prerequisite: MARK 502.

Winter Term 2021
MARK 799 - Individual Research

Special studies for advanced students. Prerequisites: Registration in the Business PhD Program or permission of instructor. Approval of the Business PhD Program Director is also required for non-PhD students.

Fall Term 2020

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Attitude Predictability and Helpfulness in Online Reviews: The Role of Explained Actions and Reactions
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Some Things are Better Left Unsaid: How Word of Mouth Influences the Storyteller
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