Sherilee Harper, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Public Health


Associate Professor, School of Public Health



My research investigates associations between weather and Indigenous health in the context of climate change. I collaborate with Indigenous partners to prioritize climate-related health actions, planning, interventions, and research.

I am co-lead the Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change (IHACC) program, an international research initiative that works closely with Indigenous peoples and their organizations in the Canadian Arctic, Ugandan Impenetrable Forest, and the Peruvian Amazon. The program aims to utilize science and Indigenous knowledge to strengthen health systems in light of a rapidly changing climate, within three areas of foci: food security; malaria; and foodborne and waterborne disease. 

PhD, University of Guelph, 2013
MSc, University of Guelph, 2009


  • climate change and health
  • climate change adaptation
  • Indigenous peoples' health
  • community-led research; community-based, participatory research
  • social and environmental epidemiology
  • mixed (qualitative and quantitative) research methods
  • Inuit Nunangat; Uganda; Peru

Research Service

Scholarly Activities

Research - Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change (IHACC)

Ended: 2021

Funded by CIHR Team Grant



Adaptation financing for projects focused on food systems through the UNFCCC

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How are perceptions associated with water consumption in Canadian Inuit? A cross-sectional survey in Rigolet, Labrador

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Multiple non-climatic drivers of food insecurity reinforce climate change maladaptation trajectories among Peruvian Indigenous Shawi in the Amazon

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Publication: PLoS ONE
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Participatory scenario planning and climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability research in the Arctic

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Preparing for the health impacts of climate change in Indigenous communities: The role of community-based adaptation

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