Sathya Rao, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Arts - Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Dept


Professor, Faculty of Arts - Modern Languages and Cultural Studies Dept


Area of Study / Keywords

Translation studies Francophone studies Media studies Gamification and Second-language acquisition


I strongly value interdisciplinarity and community engagement in both teaching and research.   


I am involved in various funded research projects: 1) the development of web application to encourage students to attend events in the local Francophone community; 2) a community-university reseach on the history of French-speaking female journalists and newspapers in Western Canada, and 3) a collaborative project on translation policy in Canada.


I teach in the areas of translation, French literature and language. I strongly value community engagement through Community Service Learning (CSL) and educational projects with practical outcome. I have supervised students in the area of translation studies working on topics such as self-translation, translation of multilingual texts, postcolonial translation, and audiovisual translation. I was the recipient of the GSA graduate supervision award (2015), the "Great supervisor" award (2019), the SALUTE Award for Leadership in Undergraduate Teaching (2019), and the Faculty of Arts CSL award (2020).


I am the PI of a team who developed the Francopass, a web application designed to encourage students to events in the local francophone community.


FREN 454 - Translation: English into French

Prerequisite: FREN 254 or consent of Department. Note: This course can also be applied to the MLCS Certificate in Translation Studies.

FREN 554 - Translation: English into French

Prerequisite: consent of Department.

MLCS 400 - The History of Translation

A broad historical perspective on the contributions made by translators to the intellectual and cultural history of the world through consideration of the Germanic, Romance and Slavic traditions. The role of the translator and basic principles governing the various traditions are examined to gain insight into different types of translation (religious, literary, technical) and significant moments in the history of translation. Prerequisite: 6 units in a Language Other than English at the 200-level or above or consent of Department.

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Scholarly Activities

Research - Canadian Minority Media Database

Minority media are a vital component of our media ecosystem and contribute greatly to our cultural diversity and heritage. However they often go unnoticed as they target specific ethnic groups and are overshadowed by majority media, whether national or transnational. The purpose of the Canadian Minority Media Database is to shed light on minority media both in their operations and as subjects of scholarly research.

Canadian Minority Media Database

Research - Founder and co-editor of Alternative Francophone

Alternative Francophone is an online peer-review journal hosted at the University of Alberta. The journal focuses on issues related to francophonie from a humanities perspective (e.g., literature, linguistics, media studies, and translation studies). Alternative francophone is indexed in several academic databases and libraries.

Alternative francophone

Research - Francopass

Francopass is a web application designed to encourage students to attend events in the locale francophone community. Francopass is based on a gamified framework.


Research - The History of the Francophone Newspapers in Western Canada

Online resource with information on French-speaking newspapers and journalists in Western Canada. The site features columns of female journalists such as Magali Michelet.

The History of the Francophone Newspapers in Western Canada