Tyler Jameson


Faculty of Extension - Management & Leadership


EXMGT 5596 - Human Resources Foundations

This course emphasizes effective human resource management processes, methods and techniques. The human resource function will be explored as an extension of and support to the line manager's responsibility. This course will also focus on internal and external influences shaping the role of human resource management in organizations today.

EXMGT 5597 - Workforce Planning

Different organizational strategies require different human resource management policies and practices. This course is designed to help human resources plan and make decisions about the allocation of resources for the effective management of people. Topics include: environmental scanning, forecasting supply and demand for human resources, successions planning, career planning, and business strategies.

EXMGT 5602 - Recruitment and Selection

The essentials of recruitment and selection is the focus of this course. The broad coverage of topics may include: internal and external factors that influence recruitment and selection practices, legislative framework, job analysis and competency models, recruitment sources and attracting job applicants, screening, testing, and interviewing and decision making.

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