Vera Brencic

Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts - Economics Dept
(780) 492-4407
7-26 Tory (H.M.) Building
11211 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H4



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Research interests:

Labor Economics: Search and Matching, Personnel Economics


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  • Brenčič, Vera. 2022. Developments in the Market for Employment Websites in the U.S., International Journal of the Economics of Business, 29(1), 33-56. 

Working papers & Work in progress:

  • Brenčič, Vera. 2021. Network Size and Terms of Use: Evidence from Employment Websites. 
  • Brenčič, Vera. 2022. Labor Market Concentration of Job Vacancies and New Hires: Implications for Skill Requirements, Wage Offers, and Hiring Outcomes.
  • Brenčič, Vera. 2022. Coordination Frictions and the Role of Exporters.
  • Brenčič, Vera and Andrew D. McGee. 2022. Employers’ Demand for Personality Traits.


Teaching interests: 

Labor Economics, Personnel Economics, Econometrics


ECON 331 - Labor Economics

Theory and empirical evidence concerning the supply of and demand for labor services, wage differentials, and the impact of unions, with particular reference to Canadian contemporary issues. Some of the policy issues to be discussed are income maintenance, unemployment insurance, and minimum wage legislation. Prerequisites: ECON 109 and ECON 281.

ECON 598 - Econometric Theory and Applications

Advanced treatment of estimation, inference and econometric problems and techniques, including the use of matrix operations and statistical distribution theory, with an emphasis on applied econometric analysis. Prerequisites: ECON 481 and 482 or equivalent, and an advanced undergraduate level course in econometrics. Note: Not open to students with credit in ECON 506.

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