Lesly Wade-Woolley, BA, MA, PhD

Associate Professor with Tenure, Faculty of Education - Educational Psychology Dept


Associate Professor with Tenure, Faculty of Education - Educational Psychology Dept



At U Alberta since July 2019. Formerly at Queen's University in the Faculty of Education, and at the University of South Carolina in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. 

Past president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading.

Spinner, weaver, aficionado of murder mysteries. 


Research interests include:

  • Reading development and reading disorders.
  • Language bases of literacy development, with a special interest in prosody, or speech rhythm.
  • Developmental language disorder and its relationship with co-occurring reading disorders.
  • Professional development of teachers around reading and writing.
  • Science communication.


EDPY 301 - Introduction to Inclusive Education: Adapting Classroom Instruction for Students with Special Needs

This course provides an introduction to teaching students with diverse learning support needs within the inclusive education context. Course content focuses on adapting classroom instruction and classroom environments to enhance learning for all students. May contain alternative delivery sections; refer to the Tuition and Fees page in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

Winter Term 2022
EDPY 458 - Assessment and Programming for Children with a Specific Reading Disability

Intent is to (a) provide students with a theoretical understanding of specific reading disabilities, (b) introduce students to widely used assessment tools and the interpretation of assessment results, and (c) develop competence in designing and implementing successful instructional programs for students with specific reading disabilities.

Fall Term 2021 Winter Term 2022
EDPY 555 - Advanced Assessment and Intervention for Reading Disabilities

This course provides students with an understanding of reading disabilities, introduces them to relevant assessment tools, and examines how to design and implement successful interventions for students with reading disabilities.

Fall Term 2021
EDPY 597 - Special Seminars

Content varies from year to year. Topics announced prior to registration period. The student's transcript carries title descriptive of content. May be repeated.

Fall Term 2021

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