Erin Pollock

Faculty Serv Officer, School of Public Health


Faculty Serv Officer, School of Public Health


SPH 547 - Leadership and Professional Practice III and Capping Project

Building on Leadership and Professional Practice I and II, students will work in interdisciplinary teams to analyze a complex public health challenge, propose strategies and interventions to address it, and design an implementation and evaluation strategy. Pre-requisites: SPH 530, 535, 536, 541, 546 and Specialization Required Courses.

SPH 598A - Field Practicum

Public health practice is an integral part of the MPH degree. The practicum is a full-time hands-on experience in a public health work setting. It provides the opportunity for students to integrate and synthesize public health philosophy, theory and practice through application and critical assessment. Students contribute to a community or organization's capacity to critically assess public health issues, and design, implement and evaluate strategic initiatives, while at the same time gaining confidence and skills as public health professionals. Normally, the final course of the MPH degree. Prerequisites: SPH 530, 535, 536, 541, 546, 547, and Specialization Required Courses.

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