SPH 598B - Public Health Practice Experience and Capping Project

3 units (fi 12)(VAR, VARIABLE)

School of Public Health

This course incorporates an applied practice experience (APE) and an integrative learning experience (ILE). Students complete a field practicum that entails hands-on experience in a work setting relevant to public health. Students integrate and synthesize their cumulative knowledge of public health through application to and critical assessment of a specific problem in a specific setting. They contribute to community or organizational capacity to address current priorities, while gaining confidence and skills as public health professionals. SPH 598 is a required course for the degree of Master of Public Health in General Public Health. Normally completed in the final term of the degree except in approved circumstances. Prerequisites: SPH 530, SPH 535, SPH 536, SPH 537, SPH 541, SPH 546, SPH 547, SPH 562, SPH 563, or consent of instructor.

No syllabi

Summer Term 2024


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LAB 800
2024-07-08 - 2024-08-31
2024-07-08 - 2024-08-31