Greg Anderson, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Arts - Political Science Dept


Professor, Faculty of Arts - Political Science Dept



I am a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta (CANADA). I earned a B.A. in history from Brigham Young University, an M.A., also in history, from the University of Alberta, and earned a PhD from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins/SAIS) in Washington, D.C.


My research and teaching interests are situated within the discipline of international political economy, particularly the political economy of North American integration. I have authored numerous pieces focused on Canada-U.S. relations, the politics of international trade and investment policy, U.S. foreign economic policy, and the impact of the global economy on forms of governance. My recent writing has included a focus on the contemporary debate over foreign direct investment rules and the experience with investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) within the NAFTA area. I have recently started work on the impact asymmetrical power relations have had on the evolution of North America's political economy.


POL S 101 - Introduction to Politics

An introduction to major political concepts and to the study of politics. Note: Not open to students with credit in POL S 100 or 103.

POL S 332 - Introduction to United States Politics and Government

The actors, institutions, and processes of American politics and governance, and the forces that influence them. Prerequisite: Any of the 200-level POL S core courses or consent of Department.

POL S 364 - Introduction to International Political Economy

This course provides an introduction to the ideas, institutions, and forces which are shaping the new international political economy. It examines the politics of trading blocks such as NAFTA and the EU, North-South relations, and the interactions of markets and states in the global economy. Prerequisite: One of POL S 235, 261 (or 230, 240, or 260) or Department consent.

POL S 458 - United States Foreign Policy

The contemporary foreign policies of the United States and their causes. Prerequisite: One of POL S 261 (or 260) or Department consent.

POL S 499A - Honors Essay: Fourth-Year Honors Political Science

Preparation of the Honors Essay, required in the fourth year of the Honors program. Prerequisite: POL S 399.

POL S 499B - Honors Essay: Fourth-Year Honors Political Science

Preparation of the Honors Essay, required in the fourth year of the Honors program. Prerequisite: POL S 399.

POL S 565 - Topics in Foreign Policy Analysis

Current approaches to the study of foreign policy that focuses the explanations upon factors within the state.

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How Did Investor-State Dispute Settlement Get a Bad Rap? Blame it on NAFTA, of Course

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Publication: The World Economy
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Regionalism's Past, Present, and Future

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Page Numbers: 227-249
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Securitization and Sovereignty in post-9/11 North America

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