Tito Grillo, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Professor, Alberta School of Business - Marketing, Business Economics and Law


Assistant Professor, Alberta School of Business - Marketing, Business Economics and Law
(780) 492-7720
3-40C Business Building
11203 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2R6


Area of Study / Keywords

Consumer Behavior Marketing


I tend to see consumer behavior as the interplay between things consumers learned while growing up, things that (as humans) consumers are hardwired to do, and the stimuli they find while navigating our modern world. In general, behavioral tendencies are very functional—we systematically adopt behaviors that have been rewarded while we were growing up, and our most fundamental natural tendencies tend to exist because they helped our ancestors survive. The twist is that many of the modern world stimuli (e.g., money, technology) are not part of consumers’ early life experiences, and certainly were not part of the lives of our ancestors. My research tries to understand what happens when old learned and “programmed” tendencies meet these new stimuli.


Upcoming (Winter + Summer, 2023): Marketing Analytics


MARK 312 - Marketing Analytics

Students are introduced to the scientific process of transforming data into insight for making better marketing decisions. Topics include: data-driven problem solving; design of surveys, focus groups, and experiments; analytical techniques for primary, secondary, and qualitative data; and machine learning basics. The course is taught as an end-to-end process, starting from problem framing, data collection, method selection, model building, and deployment. Applies Excel and open-source data analysis software. Advanced students can build on this course to prepare for taking the INFORMS CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) Exam. Prerequisite: MARK 301.

MARK 799 - Individual Research

Special studies for advanced students. Prerequisites: Registration in the Business PhD Program or permission of instructor. Approval of the Business PhD Program Director is also required for non-PhD students.

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How Childhood Adversity Shapes Susceptibility to COVID-19 Scams

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Recognizing and Trusting Persuasion Agents: Attitudes Bias Trustworthiness Judgments, but not Persuasion Detection

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Information without knowledge: the effects of Internet search on learning

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