Michael Kennedy, PhD

Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation - Academic Programs


Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation - Academic Programs
(780) 492-2830
4-230 Van Vliet Complex - East
8810 114th St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H9


Area of Study / Keywords

Extreme Environments Exercise Performance Female Athlete Health


PhD (Rehabilitation Science), University of Alberta, 2006
MSc (Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation), University of Alberta, 1997 
BPE (Physical Education), University of Alberta, 1995



•    Dr. Michael Kennedy is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP).
•    Achieved a BPE in Sport Science focusing on pace strategy and performance. MSc was focused on developing critical velocity models in rowers. PhD work was in integrative physiology focusing on oxygen      delivery during exercise in elite athletes. Obtained Certified Exercise Physiologist designation in 2007 and is a member of the Exercise is Medicine Network (Canadian Association of Exercise Physiology).
•    Joined the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation in 2007 as an Assistant Professor in Athlete Health.
•    Has served as the lead sport scientist for men’s basketball, women’s field hockey and women’s soccer at the University of Alberta as well as the Edmonton Triathlon Academy. Currently is the lead sport scientist for the varsity swim team (men and women).



The Athlete Health Lab aims to understand the influence of environment, sex, training status and injury on sport and exercise performance. 

  • environmental and training related factors influencing lung function in athletes 
  • exercise responses to extreme environments (cold, smoke, heat)
  • relationship between training stress, health and menstrual status and performance specifically in female athletes

Our approach involves understanding prevalence, improving screening, studying mechanisms and increasing awareness. 


HEED 120: Biological Aspects of Fitness

KIN 436: Endurance Training Methods

KSR 514: Sport Physiology


We are always looking for students who share a passion for human performance, female health in sport, and consequences of exercise in extreme environments.

If you have a passion for sport science and applied physiology please reach out via the respective link:

Expressions of Interest - Graduate Students

Expressions of Interest - Undergraduate Students


October 2023:

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Annual Conference 2023

  • Joao Falk Neto presented a part of his PhD Thesis: Maximal aerobic power is a key determinant of performance during variable-intensity endurance exercise.
  • Aidan Comeau presented a part of his MSc Thesis: Within-exercise bronchoconstriction and its association with exertional dyspnea at different aerobic exercise intensities.

September 2023:

  • Bruno Viera a new MSc student and high level triathlete started in the lab. Welcome Bruno.

August 2023:

  • Our annual Athlete Health Lab Summer Party was hosted at Pitch and Putt Edmonton and Rosso Pizzeria. We said goodbye to Sara Szabo (MSc) and Aidan Comeau (MSc) who both successfully defended and graduated from their Masters of Science.
  • Mackenzie Buchanan the senior undergrad in the lab completed a summer internship and published his first article. See interview with Mackenzie here: Summer Studentship


HE ED 120 - Introduction to the Biological Aspects of Fitness to Health

A biological analysis of the contributions of physical activity and exercise to fitness and long term health. Emphasis is on the introduction of training principles, health related components of physical fitness, exercise and physical activity guidelines, and the application of these concepts for determination of physical fitness, individual long term health outcomes, and preventable disease. Note: Credit will be granted for only one of HE ED 120 or HE ED 220.

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Scholarly Activities

Research - Exercising outdoors in Canada: What the research tells us about exercising safely and effectively in extreme cold

2023-01-23 to 2023-01-23

This lay publication provides real advice on the why exercising in the cold can be hard on the body what steps you can take to minimize cold air effects while exercising.

Other - Exercising outdoors in Canada: What the research tells us about exercising safely and effectively in extreme heat

Started: 2023-01-23

This is the sister publication to the exercising in cold article published in the Sport Information Resource Centre quarterly publication highlighting Canadian Sport Scientists Research Advice. This article on extreme heat was written by Joao Falk Neto the senior PhD student in the Athlete Health Lab.

Other - Extreme Environments: How do different types of cold environments affect your body, your health and your performance?

Started: 2023-05-03

This was a keynote presentation to the German Sport University, in Cologne Germany. The Athlete Health Lab collaborates with scientists at the German Sport University.

Other - Risky Business: How does training and competition affect respiratory health in cold weather athletes…

This talk was given to 80 of our best Nordic coaches from all over Canada. I presented on respiratory health in Nordic skiers. The talk focusses on the risk factors associated with training and competing, why Nordic skiers have acute and chronic respiratory issues and what coaches can do to treat and prevent respiratory issues in their skiers.

More Information

Teaching - Stress management – what, why and how can you improve health outcomes in your clients….

Started: 20170629

Spent an afternoon talking to the trainers and exercise specialists at Body By Bennett about the evidence around chronic stress. We focussed on their client base that is looking for stress reduction via exercise and physical activity. I discussed the evidence around chronic stress and risk factors for poor health and chronic disease. We explored how and what are the best techniques to improve overall health. We also discussed how they can measure and evaluate progress in their clients. 

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