Magrieta Snyman

Chemistry Lab Coordinator, Augustana - Sciences


Chemistry Lab Coordinator, Augustana - Sciences
(780) 679-1109
AG03 Classroom Building
4901-46 Ave
Camrose AB
T4V 2R3



I started teaching at Augustana in 2005 after working for 15 years as a functional specialist in the development section of an organic chemistry focused company. I acquired the position of Chemistry Lab Coordinator in 2015 and am excited to be part of a campus where a well-rounded education is realized through engagement, knowledge and skills.


I believe that in chemistry it is of vital importance that theory and practice be taught hand-in-hand. When theory meets practice in the lab, a deeper understanding and appreciation of chemistry takes place. I also believe that it is very important to value and respect people, to listen and understand, to provide purpose and to motivate students. For me, excellence in teaching is showcased in effective teaching which always grows and develops with experience, innovation, attentiveness, connection with students and the strive for perfection.

My teaching role in the lab, as well as the role of chemistry coordinator, has many facets. I strive to provide students with a friendly but organized, accurate and honest environment where they will learn and develop skills and develop a deeper insight in chemistry and its relationship to the world around them.


AUCHE 110 - General Chemistry I

A general introduction to chemistry. Topics include atomic structure; bonding and bonding theories; periodic trends; states of matter and intermolecular forces; and chemical kinetics. Prerequisites: Chemistry 30 and Mathematics 30-1.

Fall Term 2020
AUCHE 112 - General Chemistry II

Continuation of AUCHE 110. Topics include thermodynamics, free energy, equilibria, acid-base chemistry, buffers, oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. Prerequisite: AUCHE 110.

Winter Term 2021
AUCHE 250 - Organic Chemistry I

An introduction to bonding and functionality in organic compounds. Mechanistic approach to solving problems will be emphasized, with discussion of the reactions of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and alkyl halides. The three-dimensional structure of molecules and the concept of stereochemistry will be examined. Infrared spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy will be applied in both the lecture and the lab. Prerequisite: AUCHE 110; AUCHE 112 is recommended.

Fall Term 2020
AUCHE 252 - Organic Chemistry II

Continuation of AUCHE 250, again emphasizing a mechanist approach. The chemistry of alcohols, conjugated unsaturated systems, aromatic rings, carbonyl-containing compounds, organic reduction-oxidation reactions, and beta-dicarbonyl compounds will be discussed. Carbohydrate chemistry will be introduced as a way to explore many concepts in a biochemical context. Prerequisite: AUCHE 250.

Winter Term 2021
AUIDS 137 - Science Laboratory Experiences

Introduction to experimental work in Biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics. This course emphasizes numeracy, scientific communication and experimental techniques but does not presuppose any specific knowledge of disciplinary content. Note: Closed to students with *6 or more in AUBIO, AUCHE, AUENV and AUPHY.

Winter Term 2021

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