Magrieta Snyman

Term Lecturer, Augustana - Sciences
Chemistry Lab Coordinator, Augustana - Sciences


Term Lecturer, Augustana - Sciences

Chemistry Lab Coordinator, Augustana - Sciences
(780) 679-1109
Science Extension
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I started teaching at Augustana in 2005 after working for 15 years as a functional specialist in the development section of an organic chemistry focused company. I acquired the position of Chemistry Lab Coordinator in 2015 and am excited to be part of a campus where a well-rounded education is realized through engagement, knowledge and skills.


I believe that in chemistry it is of vital importance that theory and practice be taught hand-in-hand. When theory meets practice in the lab, a deeper understanding and appreciation of chemistry takes place. I also believe that it is very important to value and respect people, to listen and understand, to provide purpose and to motivate students. For me, excellence in teaching is showcased in effective teaching which always grows and develops with experience, innovation, attentiveness, connection with students and the strive for perfection.

My teaching role in the lab, as well as the role of chemistry coordinator, has many facets. I strive to provide students with a friendly but organized, accurate and honest environment where they will learn and develop skills and develop a deeper insight in chemistry and its relationship to the world around them.


AUCHE 213 - General Chemistry II Lab

This lab course introduces students to fundamental concepts in chemistry and foundational chemistry lab techniques. Concepts include atomic structure, reaction kinetics and electrochemistry. Techniques include rudimentary reaction set-ups, analytical testing, product characterization and use of basic chemical laboratory instrumentation. Co-requisites: AUCHE 212.

AUCHE 251 - Synthesis I Lab

This lab course introduces students to the principles and techniques of inorganic and organic synthesis. Concepts include organic redox reductions, nucleophilic acyl addition and substitution reactions, elimination reactions and additions to alkenes. Techniques introduced include melting point analysis, liquid-liquid extraction, reflux, distillation, thin-layer chromatography and interpretation of gas chromatographs and infrared spectra. Prerequisite: AUCHE 213. Corequisite: AUCHE 250.

AUSCI 125 - General Chemistry Lab I

Introduction to the scientific process and methods in chemical sciences. Hands-on experiments will be used to introduce key techniques and concepts in the chemistry lab, including simple aqueous reactions, manipulation of solids and liquids, titrations and stoichiometry. Prerequisite: At least one of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, or Science 30.

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