Nathan Sturtevant

Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science


Professor, Faculty of Science - Computing Science
349 Athabasca Hall
9119 - 116 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2E8



Nathan Sturtevant a professor at the University of Alberta, an Amii Fellow, and a Canada CIFAR chair. He received his PhD in Computer Science from UCLA and BSc in EECS from UC Berkeley.


Nathan's research looks broadly at heuristic and combinatorial search problems, including both theoretical and applied approaches. This includes work for single and multiple agents including specialized work involving machine learning, heuristic learning, bidirectional search, cooperative search, adversarial search, large-scale and parallel search, search for game design, abstraction and refinement, and inconsistent heuristics. His research has been implemented in commercial video games and he continues to collaborate with practitioners in the games industry.



Single Agent Search


CMPUT 250 - Computers and Games

An interdisciplinary course for students in Science, Arts, and other faculties. The focus is on games as interactive entertainment, their role in society, and how they are made. Teams composed of students with diverse backgrounds (e.g. English, Art and Design, and Computing Science) follow the entire creative process: from concept, through pitch, to delivery, of a short narrative-based game using a commercial game engine. To achieve the required mix of backgrounds and experience, students must apply to be considered for this course. See the Department web site for the online form. Prerequisite: Second-year standing.

CMPUT 658 - Topics in Artificial Intelligence

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