Joseph Patrouch, PhD, MA, BA

Professor, Faculty of Arts - History, Classics, & Religion Dept


Professor, Faculty of Arts - History, Classics, & Religion Dept
(780) 492-4568
3-20 Tory (H.M.) Building
11211 Saskatchewan Drive NW
Edmonton AB
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Tuesdays from 11-1 and by appointment.


Area of Study / Keywords

early modern European history Holy Roman Empire Habsburg Dynasty Vienna


I am a historian of Early Modern Europe, with a particular interest in the Holy Roman Empire and the lands ruled by members of the Habsburg Dynasty, both inside the Empire and elsewhere around Europe and the world. My primary chronological period of research concentration is between approximately 1550 and 1650.

Additional research interests include the roles of Habsburg women and their courts in early modern Europe, as well as early modern empire and urban studies. I have experience directing a program in Public History and am also interested in museum studies as well as in the study and commemoration of Canada's first national internment operations during and after World War One.

My current research project centers on the imagined and experienced landscapes of the Holy Roman Empire in the 1560's and 1570's.

Potential graduate students wishing to work with me in one of the above or related fields are encouraged to contact me well in advance of the admission application deadline.


Recent book reviews

"Coro/nations: Research on the Performance of the Last Two Centuries of Habsburg Rule in Europe." Review of Klaas Van Gelder, editor, More Than Mere Spectacle: Coronations and Inaugurations in the Habsburg Monarchy during the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries. In: The Court Historian 28:3 (2023) 255-59.

Patrick Milton, Intervention and State Sovereignty in Central Europe, 1500-1780. In: History: Review of New Books 51:6 (2023) 144-46.

MIchael Hochedlinger, et al, eds, Verwaltungsgeschichte der Habsburgermonarchie in der Frühen Neuzeit: Hof und Dynastie, Kaiser und Reich, Zentralverwaltungen, Kriegswesen und landesfürstliches Finanzwesen. Journal of Modern History 95:2 (2023) 489-92.

Peter Thaler, Protestant Resistance in Counterreformation Austria, Austrian History Yearbook 53 (2022) 221-223.

Luca Scholz, Borders & Freedom of Movement in the Holy Roman Empire, for H-Empire (March, 2022).

Conference Presentations and Lectures

"Global Habsburgs," International Workshop, "Dynastic History in Global Perspective," University of Vienna, June 2023.

"Approaches to Early Modern Habsburg Women," Institute of East European History, University of Vienna, June, 2023.

"Central Europe? Eastern Europe? Habsburg Empire? Where are we Today?" Symposium "The Unpredictable Past: Revisiting European, Russian, and Ukrainian Historical Studies"  Contemporary Ukraine Studies Program of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Banff, Alberta, May, 2023

"On the Paths of Peace: The Holy Roman Empire in 1570 as seen through the Travels of the Habsburg Court," Fifth West Coast Germanists’ Workshop, German Historical Institute, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, April, 2023.


"Exploring Central European History"

"Conversations about Austria"

Public Presentations

“Citizenship vs. Nationality: The Challenges Facing the Canadian Authorities during Canada’s First Internment Operations, 1914-1920,” Fernie Museum, Fernie, British Columbia, March, 2023.

"Walt Disney did not invent “Bambi: ”The Story behind Felix Salten (aka Siegmund Salzmann), the Viennese Jew who wrote
Bambi: A Story of Life in the Forest in 1922” [Online], Adult Education Program, Beth Shalom Synagogue, Edmonton, January, 2023.


Summer Term, 2023 (Hebrew University Jerusalem, MA in European Studies Programme):

Study Tour: Vienna: A Biography of "The World's Most Livable City"

Fall Term, 2023:

HIST 290: Introduction to History as a Discipline

HIST 420/ HIST 614: Holy Roman Empire, 1495-1806


In June, 2023 Professor Patrouch conducted archival research in the Austrian State Archives in Vienna.

In October, 2023 led the international Quality Assurance review team which evaluated the Austrian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies.


HIST 290 - Introduction to History as a Discipline

Introduction to the basic concepts of historical inquiry and techniques of research and writing in History. Course includes lectures and discussions. Required for History majors. Prerequisite: A previous course in History or consent of the Department.

HIST 420 - Topics in the History of Early Modern Europe

Thematic studies in European cultural, religious, and social history emphasizing popular culture and religion. Prerequisite: *3 in HIST at the 300-level or consent of Department.

HIST 609 - Directed Study

This credit/fail course is required for students in the thesis-based M.A. program. Students are introduced to scholarship relevant to their research and supported in developing a research proposal.

HIST 614 - Topics in the History of Medieval and Early Modern Europe

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Featured Publications

Joseph F. Patrouch

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Joseph F. Patrouch

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Joseph F. Patrouch

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