Stephen Cruikshank

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning


ATS Assistant Lecturer, Augustana - Academic Planning


AUCSL 100 - An Introduction to Community Engagement

An interdisciplinary introduction to community and civic engagement for students interested in preparing the groundwork for undertaking further experiential educational opportunities (e.g., Internships, Study Abroad, CSL).

AUENG 102 - Critical Reading, Critical Writing

English 102 has two objectives. The first is to train students in the practices of analytical reading and critical thinking. To that end, we will read engaging literary texts in several genres. The second objective is to help students develop effective communication skills, particularly their writing abilities. To develop writing techniques, we will workshop grammatical skills which will provide the necessary building blocks for university-level writing. Prerequisite: ELA 30-1 or AUENG 101.

AUIDS 301 - Community Partnership Project

The Community Partnership Project is a project-based course in the Augustana Core. With the support of a faculty advisor, students will work in small multidisciplinary groups on a specific issue raised by a community partner. This course introduces students to the skills and knowledge they need to work professionally with community partners, while reinforcing their ability to work collaboratively on a project. Prerequisite: AUIDS 201.

AUSPA 101 - Beginners' Spanish I

Introduction to the essentials of the Spanish language designed to develop ability in speaking and writing, with a strong emphasis on the development of oral communication skills. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUSPA 101 and 103.

AUSPA 102 - Beginners' Spanish II

Continuation of AUSPA 101. Prerequisite: AUSPA 101. Note: Credit may be obtained for only one of AUSPA 102 and 104.

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