Simonetta Sipione

Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Pharmacology Dept


Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Pharmacology Dept
(780) 492-5885
921B Medical Sciences Building
8613 - 114 St NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2H7


Area of Study / Keywords


Dr. Simonetta Sipione is currently appointed as Professor in the Department of Pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.


BIOCH 665B - Special Topics in Protein Folding and Prion Diseases

Seminar course for advanced students focused on recent advances in research into mechanisms of protein folding and disease states caused by protein misfolding, including prion diseases. Prerequisite: BIOCH 520 or consent of the Department.

NEURO 452 - Honors Research Project in Neuroscience

Research project involving laboratory experimentation done under the supervision of a member of the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI). Laboratory projects may involve current topics and methodologies encountered in specific areas of cellular, molecular, systems, or cognitive neuroscience. Completion of this course requires a written report of the project and an oral presentation to an examining committee at the end of the course. Restricted to students in the Honors program in Neuroscience. Registration must be approved by the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI). Prerequisites: PMCOL 371, PHYSL 372.

PMCOL 498B - Pharmacology Research Program

During their fourth year all Honors candidates are required to carry out a program of directed research under the supervision of a staff member. This program will be related to the special interest of the student and will involve experimental work as well as two presentations and a written report on the part of the student. Students are encouraged to make arrangements with a supervisor of their choice before the fall term begins. Prerequisite: consent of Department. Normally available to fourth-year Honors students only.

PMCOL 499 - Honors Research Project in Phamacology II

Individual research project open to undergraduate Pharmacology Honor students (Stream A) who have identified a supervisor in the Department of Pharmacology. Taken in conjunction with PMCOL 497, this 6-credit course is the second part of a 12-credit program in two terms resulting in an honors research thesis in Pharmacology. Upon satisfactory progress in the first term, PMCOL 499 students will continue their research and produce a written honors thesis on their project. An oral presentation and thesis defense will occur at the end of term and be evaluated. Registration must be approved by the Department of Pharmacology. Prerequisite: PMCOL 497 and consent of the Department of Pharmacology.

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