PMCOL 497 - Honors Research Project in Pharmacology I

★ 6 (fi 12)(FIRST, 0-0-16)

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Individual research project open to undergraduate Pharmacology Honor students (Stream A) who have identified a supervisor in the Department of Pharmacology. Normally taken in conjunction with PMCOL 499, this 6-credit course is the first part of a 12-credit program in two terms resulting in an honors research thesis in Pharmacology. During PMCOL 497 students will develop background knowledge in an area of pharmacology research within the supervisor's expertise, design an experimental plan (in conjunction with their supervisor) to investigate a particular research question, learn the methodologies to be used ,and begin experiments to answer this research question. Complete of this course requires a written proposal summarizing background information and experimental design and methods for the project, as well as an oral presentation to an examining committee. Students aiming for Graduate School should consider taking this course as it embraces the research process from developing the research question, to planning the experimental design, collecting and analyzing data, writing a final paper, and presenting research findings. Prerequisite: PMCOL 303, PMCOL 306, PMCOL 343, PMCOL 344, and PMCOL 301 or PMCOL 302 or documented summer student research experience. Please contact the course coordinator for registration in the course.

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Fall Term 2023


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