EXBA - Extension - Business Analysis

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EXBA 5687 - Business and Strategy Analysis View Available Classes

★ 21

Business Analysis helps organizations solve problems and capitalize on opportunities by assessing the potential value of solutions, facilitating their implementation, and evaluating their performance. This course explores the various ways to apply business analysis within organizations and how to strategically identify, assess and select which potential changes should be pursued. Students learn how to develop a business case that includes relevant information for executives to be able to make informed decisions.

EXBA 5688 - Requirements Elicitation and Management View Available Classes

★ 14

Defining good requirements is critical to implementing successful changes. Requirements are used to establish and maintain the scope of a change. Requirements are based on stakeholder needs and are elicited through ongoing interaction with stakeholders. This course focuses on techniques for eliciting requirements, as well as exploring methods for clearly documenting requirements so that they can be verified and validated. Students learn how to develop a requirements elicitation plan and prepare requirements documentation.

EXBA 5689 - Analyzing Processes, Information and People View Available Classes

★ 21

This course will explore various analysis and modelling techniques to better understand the requirements associated with people, processes, and information elements in a business context. Basic business modelling tools such as organization models, workflow models and swim-lane diagrams are used to explore solution requirements. UML models (use cases, state and sequence diagrams) extend the solution requirements and establish the context for solution design. Principles of data and data analysis are introduced. Various methodologies are used to set a framework for analysis.

EXBA 5690 - Communication Success Factors View Available Classes

★ 14

Effective communication is essential to successful change. Being able to understand others, provide clear information and influence without authority ensuring the ability to navigate personalities and politics. This course identifies the key elements of communication and how to leverage various delivery channels and methods to ensure messaging is received and understood. Students will also learn approaches to negotiation and how to build high performance teams, while identifying and addressing risks that arise as you prepare for and implement a change.

EXBA 5691 - Solution Design and Quality Assurance View Available Classes

★ 21

Great solutions address the needs of their intended users through good design. This course provides an overview of design thinking and how Business Analysts are involved in the solution design process. Students will learn how to create effective and compelling interfaces, and to develop solutions for managing data. Students will also understand how to define and assess the quality of a solution and how to create quality assurance processes.

EXBA 5692 - Solution Deployment and Evaluation View Available Classes

★ 14

Successful implementations provide solutions efficiently and achieve expected outcomes with minimal business disruption. This course explores factors for successful deployment and evaluation of both large and small solutions and the role Business Analysts play. Students will learn about solution transition planning, execution, post-project actions, and benefits tracking. Students will also investigate the critical link between solution evaluation and strategy analysis to complete the business analysis life cycle.