Course Catalogue Help

Course Catalogue provides a tool to browse current and historical courses, classes, class times, syllabi, and instructor information. This application was built to augment the centrally provided calendar with additional information around class offerings and syllabi. Course syllabi are integral to obtaining transfer credit and for students to get a feel for a course before enrolling.

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To enroll in a class in our catalogue or to view the most current class information please visit BearTracks.


Uploading Syllabi

Syllabi can be uploaded to this system for current and future courses by both the Instructor of the class, or by a designated departmental or faculty administrator. Only PDF files can be uploaded and syllabi can only be uploaded to current or future classes. To upload a syllabus follow the instructions below:

Instructor Upload
  1. Login to the application in the top right
  2. If you are an instructor, visit your instructor upload page: Instructor Upload Page
  3. Select Manage Syllabi at the top right
  4. Using the icons next to each class sections you can upload, replace, or delete the required syllabi
  5. Once done simply close the page or click "Finish Managing Syllabi" from the top right
Departmental / Faculty Admin

If you have delegated access you can upload syllabi to your delegated subjects and faculties here:

Note: To become a designated departmental or faculty administrator please see the section below on requesting access.

  1. Login to the application
  2. If you are have delegated access, visit your syllabi upload page: Delegated Upload Page
  3. If you have multiple subjects available to you select the subject that you would like to manage syllabi for
  4. Use the actions to upload, replace, download, or delete syllabi.

Requesting Subject and Faculty Access

Departmental or faculty administrators can request access to entire subject codes or faculty groupings to enable bulk uploading of class syllabi. To request access or update existing access please contact  Information Services and Technology (Email:  to request access.

Requests for access will be approved by the departmental chair or faculty dean.

Data Source

The data presented on this site is pulled daily from Campus Solutions, the University of Alberta's central course database. Faculties and Departments can make updates to this data through Campus Solutions and updates will appear here automatically on the next business day.