EXGEN - OCE - General Studies

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13 units Non-credit course

Your job description may not say writer, but somehow you spend a large part of your day writing memos, letters, and proposals. The biggest problem in workplace writing is not necessarily bad grammar, but too many words per thought. Wordy writing lacks clarity. Learning to avoid certain grammatical constructions will help you process prose that makes your meaning crystal clear. This workshop will focus on George Orwell's six rules of good writing and the necessary grammatical information to put them into practice. Ample time will be devoted to in-class reinforcement exercises.

20 units Non-credit course

Correct and elegant writing depends upon considerations of genre, audience, rhetoric, and subject matter, in addition to knowledge of the writing process (prewriting, writing, and rewriting). This course will consider the role of grammar at all stages of the writing process and how grammar changes in different contexts. Discuss word choice, sentence craft, and how to avoid the most common grammatical problems. Practice the grammatical rules by applying them to your own writing in exercises that will be critiqued by the instructor. Note: This course stresses the process of learning writing in a hands-on approach. Only selected key principles of grammar will be discussed and applied to your writing.

14 units Non-credit course

Explore the use of analytical methods in management problem-solving, highlighting organizational and contextual issues. Construct an analytical model of a problem that can be manipulated or solved to identify a decision that yields the best outcome, according to one or more carefully defined criteria. The challenges of communicating and implementing results in an organizational context may also be explored through mini-cases and illustrations.

14 units Non-credit course

Gain an overview of big data, the state of the practice in analytics and the analytics lifecycle as an end-to-end process. Focus on the key roles of a successful analytic project. Topics may include: the main phases of the lifecycle; and developing core deliverables to stakeholders.