EXOS 4633 - Accident Causation Theory

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Faculty of Extension

Accident causation theory is the art and science that seeks to understand the deeper roots of why accidents happen. Understanding accident causation theory is essential in determining why workplace incidents occur and so that we can prevent re-occurrences. Through examples and case studies, students will gain an overview of the most important theories, strengths and weaknesses of each, and learn how to select the best theories and models to better understand why accidents occur.

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Continuing Ed Spring 2021


LECTURE SP1 (27080)
Capacity: 25
2021-05-10 - 2021-05-22

Primary Instructor: David Rebbitt

Continuing Ed Fall 2021


LECTURE FA1 (40309)
Capacity: 25
2021-11-15 - 2021-12-04

Primary Instructor: Timothy Reteff

Continuing Ed Winter 2022


LECTURE WI1 (45297)
Capacity: 25
2022-03-07 - 2022-03-26