LAW 545 - The Law of Fiduciary Obligation

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Faculty of Law

Fiduciary law regulates relationships which depend, for their efficacy, on a strict duty of loyalty. Fiduciaries have protective responsibility for the interests, both economic and non-economic, of other persons, usually vulnerable persons. Fiduciary law regulates diverse relationships, including relationships between joint venturers, business partners, directors and senior management and corporations, senior employees and employers, professional service providers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, therapists and their clients and patients, principals and agents, the Crown and Indigenous Peoples and parents and their children. Topics covered will include the nature of fiduciary relationships, obligations of fiduciaries, including the obligation to avoid conflict of interest and remedies for breach of fiduciary obligation. Some attention will be paid to unexpected fiduciary relationships and the interrelation between fiduciary law and other sources of liability.

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