SEM 407 - Effective Team Management

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Faculty of Business

Modern organizations are increasingly seeing their ability to succeed as tied to their ability to better utilize human potential for innovation and creativity, primarily through the increased use of teams and small groups. Teamwork skills are required with increasing frequency, and the ability to build high performing teams is a key management competency. This includes work teams, project teams, and virtual teams. This course will focus on the factors required to transform a group of people into a high performing team. The course will integrate theory and practical skills. Students will learn how to identify healthy and unhealthy team dynamics, and explore team development activities and interventions to improve team performance. Course topics will include: effective team communication, team building, leadership and social influence, decision making processes in teams, conflict management, motivating and teams, virtual teams, and group processes. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate practical skills as well as academic learning. Students should be prepared to contribute to role plays, case studies, class presentations, virtual group experiences, and personal style assessments. Prerequisite: SEM 201, 301 or 310.

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