SEM 645 - Social Entrepreneurship

3 units (fi 6)(EITHER, 3-0-0)

Faculty of Business

Corporate social and environmental responsibility is an important strategic consideration for companies around the world. The relationship a business has with both government and the larger public is integral to its success, reputation, and day-to-day activities. This course offers a practical introduction to social entrepreneurship and addresses entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. The course focuses on key concepts in the field of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise, including organizational learning, sustainability, philanthropy, commercialization, and profit and nonprofit development. It also presents cases that illustrate these concepts in practical contexts. Ideas and skills learned in this course will better enable students to; play a role in shaping socially responsible businesses; develop a genuinely sustainable business enterprise; infuse non-profit organizations with a spirit of social innovation and practical financial sustainability; assist in influencing future government actions.

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