Cindy Leonard


Summer Term 2024 (1880)

NURS 431 - Advanced Acute Care Nursing Practice I

★ 6 (fi 12)(EITHER, 1-144C-2)

This acute care practicum builds on the concepts and intentional clinical learning from NURS 335 and NURS 345. The focus is on integrating prior learning to move towards providing comprehensive patient and family centered care and socialization to the role of the nurse in an acute care setting. Note: Available only to nursing students in the After Degree/After Degree Honors Program or RPN-BScN Program. Prerequisites: NURS 344, NURS 345, and NURS 416.

CLINICAL K102 (40025)

2024-06-20 - 2024-07-31
MTW 06:30 - 23:00