Judi Hunter

ATS Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine - Strategic Initiatives

Winter Term 2024 (1860)

REHAB 535 - Multidimensional Nature of Pain

★ 3 (fi 15)(EITH/SP/SU, 3-0-0)

Pain is a major factor impacting quality of life and will continue to become more so as the average lifespan increases. Understanding the multi-dimensional nature of pain and its broad impact is critical to applying best practice in its assessment and treatment. This course will explore the neuroscience and physiology of various pain conditions, with application assessment and management principles. A range of theoretical perspectives underlying the individual's experience of pain across the continuum from acute to complex/chronic will be presented. The need for interprofessional collaboration for pain management will be introduced. This course is a prerequisite for REHAB 536 and REHAB 537.

LECTURE 850 (19395)