Brooke Madden, PhD, MEd, BEd, BScH

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - Secondary Education Dept


Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - Secondary Education Dept
(780) 492-9891
636 Education Centre - South
11210 - 87 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
T6G 2G5





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  • Indigenous Education and Truth and Reconciliation Education
  • Teacher Education & Teacher Identity
  • Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Curriculum Theory
  • Decolonizing and Anti-Oppressive Approaches




EDPS 581 - Introduction to Evaluating Educational Research

EDSE 501 - Research Interviews in Education

EDES 501 - Possibilities for Reconciliation and Peaceful School Communities


EDEL 495 - Pedagogies for Indigenous Education

EDEL 330 - Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary School Science

EDU 211 - Aboriginal Education and the Context for Professional Engagement

EDU 100 - Contexts of Education