AUIDS 244B - Introduction to Peer Tutoring and Second-Language Learning Practices in the Writing Centre

1.5 units (fi 6)(TWO TERM, 1.5-0-0)

Augustana Faculty

This course introduces students to the theoretical underpinnings of writing-centre practices, with a special focus on the area of tutoring ESL or Second Language (L2) learners. Students in this course will develop the practical skills required to become effective tutors for L2 learners in Augustana's Writing Centre. These skills will be taught incrementally in a workshop setting that will reflect the working conditions of peer tutoring at a writing centre. In supervised mock-tutoring sessions during the fall term, students will help each other hone their writing and tutoring skills in preparation for their first peer-tutoring session. Eventually, students will undertake actual tutoring sessions in the Writing Centre, under the supervision of the course instructor. An important component of this class involves several writing assignments that encourage students to reflect on the experience of applying the theories of writing centre pedagogy during tutoring sessions with fellow students from across academic disciplines and from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. These reflective writing assignments are intended to help crystallize in the minds of students the experience of applying general academic theories to real-world situations. Prerequisites: Consent of the selection committee, based on a portfolio of graded academic writing.

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Winter Term 2025


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2025-01-27 - 2025-04-15 (M)
16:30 - 18:00