CSD 524A - Introduction to Clinical Practicum I

★ 4 (fi 16)(TWO TERM, 0-8C-2)

Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Credit. Practical application of clinical procedures under direct supervision. Normally, students will possess an academic background enabling them to assume direct treatment responsibilities with children and adults having disorders of articulation and/or language. A minimum of 48 direct contact hours as well as simulated and indirect contact hours will be accrued. Seminar content will include topics of clinical and/or professional significance such as ethics, health law, private practice, goal setting and data collection. Flexibility in seminar topics will accommodate new topics as they arise. Prerequisites: At least six MScSLP courses including CSD 507, 511, 518. Corequisite: CSD 516. (Restricted to MScSLPs students only.) Not open to students with credit in SPA 524.