DDS 545B - Clinical Practice I

26 units (fi 104)(TWO TERM, 39 WEEKS)

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

An introduction to the art and science of clinical dentistry in the patient care setting. Utilizing a patient-centered approach, students develop the skills to diagnose and develop a treatment plan addressing patients' needs; to deliver basic restorative dentistry; to perform basic endodontic procedures; to assist in oral surgery; to provide periodontal therapy from basic to more advanced needs; to treat pediatric patients; to deliver basic removable prosthodontic services; to provide basic fixed prosthodontic services that may incorporate dental implantology; and to manage basic orthodontic needs of patients. Diagnostic services such as radiology are incorporated during the diagnosis and treatment. Students learn to manage ethical dilemmas and provide care according to existing codes of ethics. Clinical observation may require off-site rotations. Students gain their clinical experience at intramural and extramural sites.

No syllabi